On Mothers Day we managed to get out in the local park for an hour or so, usually we either rush around the park with the dogs or we go somewhere else. It was nice to just be at the park and be there! No rushing around. We enjoyed the space around us and explored, it was fun and we found some parts of the park that we hadn’t seen before. 

We started off in the open part of the park, the children picked daisies and buttercups, they were being so kind to each other. When getting dressed, Noah said to me “Mummy, do you know why I have a tie on?”. I thought he was going to remark on it being Mothers Day and he wanted to look handsome. It was funny what followed: “Because I am going to be nice to Isla”. I shall have to remind him of that when he is next arguing with her – maybe make him wear the tie. 

If you walk a round the park you come to a few benches to sit and soak up the surroundings. One being a normal park bench and the other cut into a trunk of a tree. It’s a lovely spot, you can sit and listen to the birds whistling and the wind through the leaves – its very relaxing. 

 From there we went to the maze play area that is on the other side of the park, it is nice there as you can sit with the dogs whist the children play and it isn’t fenced off. Unlike some play areas that dogs cannot venture into. It is right on the edge of the woods and we normally stay in the park – but the children had a good idea to explore in the trees. So we did. It was fun… 

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Last Update: Sunday, 2nd April 2017