As you know we like to get out and about as a family. We love walking and especially love getting fresh air together. Keen Footwear sent Isla and I some fabulous outdoor footwear, we love matching.

I have the women’s Terradora waterproof hiking shoes and Isla has the kids Terradora waterproof version. I love that they look and fit like trainers, they are extremely comfortable (like trainers) too and the waterproof material is just perfect as it covers us in all weather conditions!

The shoes are so stylish that I even wear them on the school run! That’s saying something when it comes to outdoor clothing. I love Isla’s shoes come with the velcro strap – she has no trouble getting them on quickly when we go out for a dog walk. They both come with a bungee lace system which quickly tightens the laces and releases them too. The women’s shoes even come with odour control too… perfect for those long hikes together.

These shoes from Keen Footwear are extremely comfortable and perfect for our family walks and weekend adventures. We love being matching buddies on our family walks. What are your favourite places to hike as a family?

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Last Update: Tuesday, 29th January 2019