With all the newbornness around me, I have been daydreaming back to when I was pregnant. I loved my baby bump so much. I miss it, incredibly. It’s such a special time, for those nine months you get to feed, feel, hear and watch grow (from the outside anyway). So when George at Asda asked me what my #MaternityMemories are, I jumped at the chance.


My #MaternityMemories

When I think back to being pregnant one of the first things I remember is loving my look. I loved what I wore and that the bump made me look different but that I liked what I saw. Maternity clothes are designed specifically for your bump and therefore accentuate it. I loved it. I loved the way it looks in jeans with a casual top, the way it popped through a cardigan and how it made me look when I had a nice dress on. Post-birth, I can say I miss it and I honestly would walk around looking eight months pregnant everyday if I could! Maybe not – but you get my point. You can be pregnant and stylish and you feel great. After all, you are doing the most important job in the world – why not look and feel a million dollars.

I remember listening to Noah’s heartbeat for the first time, my first child and the first heartbeat. It was magical. Not that Isla’s wasn’t, but with Isla’s I was listening for differences as I knew what to expect. It was also magical but not for the same reasons. Never having been through it before, it was breath-taking. I remember closing my eyes and really trying to envision what the little baby was doing inside my belly. One of those moments that will stay with you forever, that little moment of closeness.

With my second pregnancy, I remember trying to explain to Noah what was going on and he would sit and stroke my belly and kiss it. It was precious. Noah was only 17 months old at the time, so he probably didn’t understand what was going on but it was still prescious. Again memories like that will stay with you forever. If you have older children, they will understand what is going on and that will make it special too.

Grab yourself a flexible tape measure, you know the Christmas cracker sort? I was constantly measuring my bump. I ended up doing it daily and kept a pregnancy diary for both pregnancies. I loved comparing my sizes and weights. It was like an accomplishment each month to make sure I had put on more weight both in terms of roundness around my belly and heaviness. I also used to use apps to see how big the baby was at each stage and I would compare this to my sizings too, in the early stages I remember it being compared to the size of a small blueberry which made me chuckle.

One pregnancy myth I remember reading when I was first pregnant was You shouldn’t take hot baths while pregnant, but I didn’t listen as I loved hot baths. Noah and Isla both enjoyed them too and they would come to life in the bath, all the time. I didn’t have the water scoulding hot, that would be silly, but it was hot enough for me to sit and soak myself for an hour in the evening. I loved it – watching them flitter away, like they were swimming. Even now, both my babies love a hot bath! I remember when Noah was born and being told that he should have luke warm baths, he cried his eyes out when I did this and on the second time I went with my instinct, which was to give him a warm to hot bath and he loved it. Funny what they get used to in your tummy isn’t it?

I suppose the main thing for me was that I simply enjoyed being pregnant. I loved it. I was happy being pregnant and I tend not to dwell on the negatives  – which for me were SPD and the usual uncomfortable feelings associated with that. But in all, I loved being pregnant. Sitting there and feeling your baby twist and turn, the butterflies as people describe them, it is amazing.

Do you have any #MaternityMemories that you would like to share?



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