I loved this photo of me & the old man. Despite me crying on the majority of this walk & it looks like I have a wonky eye, because of my hat… I do love it.

Snoopy is so goofy and I think this photo shows off his personality perfectly 🤣 He’s never been a sharp pup. But man is he a good snuggler…

It was a lovely walk, despite the tears, and I’m glad we explored in and around the green. Snoopy and I managed about 1500 steps in an hour. Snoopy wants a sniffathon, rather than a walk.

Anyone else love taking goofy photos of their pets?

#mummyphotoaday ~ lovely & green

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“February is the border between Winter and Spring” Terri Guillemets.

I saw this quote recently, on someone’s insta square, and for the life of me I cannot remember where I saw it. But I love it.

It’s such a transformative month and I get all excited seeing the new buds sprouting above the surface. New beginnings.

With each new Spring comes new beginnings. New blooms in the garden, new colours and new weather.

I’m looking forward to many more walks in the Wintery Sun & filling my lungs with fresh air.

What do you love about February?

#mummyphotoaday ~ new beginnings

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Today marks a month since we lost our little Rambo. We’re still trying to heal but, as all the advice said, it is getting a little lighter to carry the grief each day.

Isla still isn’t sleeping very well and when it gets towards the end of the evening, we’re all a little out of sorts. Simply, we miss him so much.

I’m going to brave it and write a blog dedication to my little best bud, I haven’t felt brave enough yet. He was such a lovely dog, also a bit weird & funny, it will be nice to share his stories.

I love this photo of the 3 of them snuggling. This was just before Christmas. This is quite often what view I would have behind my desk… my little snugglers!

Do you take loads of photos of your pets snuggled in different ways? 

#mummyphotoaday ~ heal

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The Winter Sun has been so beautiful over the last few days.  I think today we’re going to see a change to cloudy skies.

I love this photo. The low sun and the kids having a little adventure. I spend a lot of my time watching them interact. I guess that’s a big part of parenthood. Learning and growing.

Have you been making the most of the weather?

#mummyphotoaday ~ parenthood 

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A little corner of my office… I spend most of my week here so it’s nice to pretty it up sometimes. I even managed to blur out the water marks on the windows (they need a good clean).

My tax return has been submitted and my assignment has too! Quite a day for submissions and I’m relieved. I’m in the last year of uni and I’m so grateful for the support I’ve had to complete it. I am focussed on finishing, which is giving me the mindset to get it done.

What did you do today that your relieved about? 

#mummyphotoaday ~ corner

Items from @frompaperchase are part of a previous collab 

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Daddy = “Kids please don’t try and walk on the ice”….
Kids = ☝🏻

They kept edging towards the pond, “I just want to break the ice”. They did make me laugh. And yes, they ignored the instructions. But they did only tap the ice with their toes.

It made for a little adventure this afternoon. I love this Winter sun!

Do your kids love standing on frozen puddles?

#mummyphotoaday ~ adventure

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As I mentioned on Monday, the midwife booked me in for more of my favourite things today: blood tests. Apparently the lab wouldn’t take my last lot of blood because the name on the label did not have an S in my surname, so I had to have more done today. I hate blood tests as you have probably grown to know by now, but it was an opportunity to see the midwife and have the appointment that I felt I’d missed out on Monday because I was so busy keeping an eye on Noah I didn’t concentrate on what the midwife was saying nor what was going on with número 2. Sorry bump! Turns out that the lovely midwife is friends with my friend Oriole, and by way of taking my mind off of having bloods taken, she mentioned that she knew Oriole (I’m guessing they’d spoken about me…