It took me a few days to complete but I was very happy with the final result:


First off you need to make the sponge cake… Joining the layers with buttercream. The main boat was 2 square tins, topped together & the triangle bit for the deck was a loaf tin, then I cut pieces into the triangle shape.

The next stage was to cover the sponge with the chocolate sugar paste to create the wood effect. It was tricky but my favourite bit, I cut strips out of the sugar paste and used my cake tool to draw wood grain lines & screw holes either side.

After the wood had been buttercreamed to the sides of the ark, I needed to do the roof & my first animals, the giraffe heads! This was quite tricky as the icing was heavy on the ark & was quite sweaty too.

Once the roof was complete, I had to move onto the other animals. It took me a good few hours to finish, but I’m glad I made the effort. I started off by doing the pigs & tigers which were at one end of the deck.

Then on the other side I made the pandas and balancing on top of them, the elephants. I loved the elephants!

Once the ends had been filled with animal heads, I put the animals on the side. The monkeys were hard, I didn’t make a very good brown & they look more like mice but you get the idea.

To finish off we had the daddy lion & the mummy lion…

I was quite impressed with my first “creative” cake. I’d never tried anything like this before, it was fun & I think it was a success as you could tell what it was!


Now the problem is, how to top it off for Noah’s 2nd birthday!

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Last Update: Monday, 16th January 2012