Family funday… Sunday!

We took Noah to his first Chinese restaurant today… We know he likes noodles & rice but we couldn’t be too sure on the rest of the foods. But as it was a buffet restaurant it was perfect for little man to try new foods out!

He certainly enjoyed himself and had fun banging the chopsticks on the table… Bang bang bang!!



We spent the afternoon with Nanny & Grandad, auntie Rach, auntie Becky & Uncle Tim which was nice. Noah entertained everyone, as usual, he does love to be the centre of the attention. Is that common for all 14 month old tots? My Mumma said I was a show off when I was little, so I guess he might be taking after his mummy 🙂

A nice chilled, family funday… It’s great to have days like this. All Sunday’s should be the same!



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  • Angela wright
    January 16, 2012

    Aaw look at him with his chopsticks, I think he may be a drummer when he grows up.
    Sounds like your sunday went well, wish we could have a nice chilled Sunday but with three boys it’s very hard lol.
    I love that he likes to be centre of attention, shows what a confident and lovely boy he is. X

  • noahconstant
    January 16, 2012

    haha he does like to show off!! 🙂

    I can imagine when there are more children, there are less chances to “chill out” except maybe when its their bedtime… do you get to chill at night?

    Id love it if Noah was interested in music, I play the piano & guitar and write music so I would totally love it if my children were interested in it too x

24 weeks… A Milestone!
Family funday… Sunday!

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