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Sorry about the title, it rhymed and I was in a poetic kind of mood! Well where do I start with the little princess? She is 7 months and 8 days today and going on 17. She follows Noah around, crawls over to him, crawls on him, pokes him in the face, plays with the toys he is playing with, wants to drink out of his bottle and eat his snacks. But I think the best thing that she does, is gives Noah a great big beaming smile when she see’s him, when she hasn’t seen him for a little while. So first thing in the morning, they just smile at each other, after they are both ready for bed I put Isla in Noah’s room and they have 10 mins of playtime together and she does it then too. It’s the greatest smile I have ever seen and it makes my heart melt. I had no idea that I would feel this kind of love for the pair of them, after all that worry about how could I share my love for Noah with another child – I guess I didn’t need to worry at all.

photo 1We now have 2 very large front teeth and we have started cleaning them every night for 2 reasons, 1 because we wanted to start the routine off early as we learnt our lesson with Noah and 2 because we think in cleaning Isla’s teeth first, it might encourage little man to clean his too. So far, its not going so bad! Fingers crossed it continues, but she loves cleaning her teeth. She smiles away, which makes it easier, obviously!

We still love bath time, she is quite possibly the happiest when she is in the bath and I love her happy bath time smile. I captured this video the other night, I thought it was cute. As you can see she is now sitting up and is still a little bit wobbly with her sitting balance, but she is getting better and better everyday. Because she is so tiny, I think her body just can’t process the balancing thing right now. But crawling, that’s a different story:

She zooms around the house now, she follows me into the kitchen, she tries to crawl over everything and anything that is in her way. Her new trick from the past week is that she wants to climb now. So we are climbing up the sofa edge, to say peep-bo, she climbs up the coffee table, up the stair gate and any toys that give her a leg up, she will be standing up by them. This is how I found her last night when I nipped out of the lounge to get her night time bottle:
photo 3I just can’t get over how quickly she is developing and how much she is doing at just 7 months old. She is not even nearly 8 months or 7.5 months, she is 7 months and a week old! Its just madness. People warned me my 2nd child would be a quick learner and probably do things a lot quicker than Noah did and especially as we had a girl, but I didn’t expect things to move this quickly. She is my super cleverer princess.

I was just reading back to when Noah was this age and we started Noah off in a bedtime routine, of going to bed on his own: https://mummyconstant.com/night-time-routine/ I had forgotten all of these things, I am so glad I have my blog memories 🙂

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Last Update: Tuesday, 18th December 2012