Well its all change in the Constant household, now Noah is getting to the age where he can hold his own bottle…. I thought I would embrace it. He is getting rather large to be rocked at night time and needs to get used to his own bed.

Great Grandma and Nanna told me to get him used to feeding himself and falling asleep, so I tried. Noah’s afternoon nap was a success, he gave himself his bottle on the sofa and fell asleep for a good half hour.

Night time was going to be more tricky, I knew that! So we did bath and get changed like normal, went down stairs for a bit so that he could wear himself out on his tummy etc… at 7:15pm I put him in his cot with his bottle… 7:45pm he was fast asleep! 🙂 Yippee!

Now I do have an admission: I did hold the bottle in place and sat there so he could see me… but he fell asleep all nice and snuggly in his own bed…

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Last Update: Tuesday, 21st June 2011