Healthy Summer after-school snacks from Googly Fruit

If you’re little ones are anything like mine, before we have even walked through the school gates they are saying they’re hungry and thirsty. I have a new brand to introduce to you, to help solve this problem! Googly Fruit Organic are the new fruits in town offering a healthy snack for the little ones. They are on a mission to help children have a life long friendship with fruit. The idea being that not only are the snacks tasty, but they are fun too. What other fruit snacks offer googly eye stickers too? 

There are three main snack types: Crunchy puffs, Real fruit made crunchy and squeeze pouches. The main aim to these snacks is that it is fun and the perfect portion size for little tummies. They have created some fun characters too: Bob Banana, Carl Carrot, Charlie Corn and Suzie Strawberry. If you visit the Googly Fruit website, you can download fun activities and meet the characters too. 

Crunchy Puffs

These are a healthy alternative to fat filled crisps. They are air-puffed bites that are coated in tasty carrot dust. They are cooked in just a few drops of vegetable oil and combined they make a delicious crunchy snack. They come in a few flavours: Corn, Banana & Strawberry / Corn & Carrot / Corn & Tomato. I love the fact they are made with sweet corn and then sweeter fruit flavours. I would never think to put these combinations together.

Real fruit made crunchy

These are a great idea. It is literally just fruit that has been freeze dried to turn into delicious crispy bites. Its great because the soft fruits that you eat normally taste very crunchy. The taste is the same, I would say in some fruits the taste seems more intense. They come in three flavours: Apply & Blueberry / Banana & Raspberry / Strawberry. 

Squeezy pouches 

These are a lot of fun, they are really handy for a refreshing snack in the summer. There are 5 yummy flavours too: Apple, Sweet Potato & Clementine / Apple, Strawberry, Blueberry & Raspberry / Apple, Pear, Carrot & Pumpkin / Blueberry, Apple & Purple Carrot / Apple, Mango & Peach. They loved all the flavours, I was really surprised because if I offer them Sweet Potato for dinner they are not interested. It’s amazing what power these squeezy pouches have! 

For more information visit the Googly Fruit website:


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Thursday 25 May 2017
Healthy Summer after-school snacks from Googly Fruit

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