When was the last time you pampered and had a chance to spoil yourself? Even though many of us are still restricted to our homes right now, finding the time to indulge, relax and unwind isn’t as easy as it sounds. Whether you’re trying to stay on top of your work obligations, taking the kids to their dental and doctor appointments, entertaining your little ones or helping your elderly relatives with their errands there seems to be a never-ending list of duties and responsibilities that have your name on them. Don’t wait, spoil yourself this week…

If you’re currently at the bottom of your priority list, it’s time to make a change. Failing to make time for yourself is only detrimental to your mental and physical wellbeing. So with this in mind, I’ve gathered 4 ways you can spoil yourself this week, after all – you deserve it!

Invest in luxury health products

Spoiling yourself with products like hand sanitiser doesn’t exactly scream indulgence, but when you invest in luxury and utterly unique hand sanitiser products, you’re not only protecting yourself from germs and bacteria but caring for your hands as well. Consider treating yourself to this luxury hand sanitiser spray – it’s the perfect way to get the 99% protection from germs you need, all with perfectly infused essential oils and sumptuous fragrances that soothe, heal, and soften your hands. We should all be sanitising and cleaning our hands as often as possible, with luxury hand sanitiser, you can spoil yourself in the process.

Take a day off work

You might be working from home, so the novelty of spending time away from your laptop might not have the same appeal. However, taking a day off to enjoy some you-time, to organise your closet or to catch up on your favourite TV show is just what the doctor ordered. Book a day off as soon as you can but don’t make it a day dedicated to catching up on housework or laundry, make it about you.

Order dinner from your favourite restaurant

While we might not be able to dine in our favourite restaurants just yet, we can still order from them! Ordering takeout from your favourite eatery is the perfect way to indulge yourself – guilt free! Whether you have a sweet tooth and fancy a delicious dessert or you want to enjoy a delectable feast in your living room, ordering in is the perfect solution.

And finally, treat your skin

Spending more time indoors with the central heating blasting hot air into your home, and the cold wind outside drying your skin, not forgetting a potential deficiency of vitamin D due to the lack of sunshine, means that your skin could do with some real TLC. While your favourite beauty salons and spas are getting ready to open their doors once again, why not indulge your skin with a facial in the meantime? From sheet masks to facial creams or even homemade face masks made from household ingredients, there’s never been a better reason to replenish and revitalise your skin.

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Last Update: Saturday, 1st May 2021