Five ways for Mums to get a better night's sleep

Whether you’re a new mum or your kids are growing up, you’re probably all too familiar with that well-known feeling of sleep deprivation. Mums everywhere are not getting enough sleep, whether it’s from being kept up all night with a crying baby or toddler, having to stay up late getting through a ton of housework, or simply not being able to settle with a racing mind after everything you’ve had to get through over the course of the day. As a mum it’s important that you get enough sleep, especially sleep of the deep, refreshing kind so you are able to wake up in the morning and take on all the tasks that raising a young family brings. We’ve put together a list of top tips to help mums everywhere get the best out of their night’s sleep.

Avoid Distractions

Although some distractions – i.e. a crying newborn baby – can’t be avoided when you’re a mum, there are plenty of distractions that you can avoid. For example, using technology such as smartphones, tablets, a laptop or even watching the television straight before you go to bed can cause your brain to start working overtime, making it even harder to get into a state of relaxation in order to be able to sleep. Whenever possible, avoid using any technology or doing anything too mentally stressful just before you go to bed, and take the time in between putting the kids to bed and going to bed yourself to do something calming and relaxing, such as taking a bubble bath to help you wind down.


Get Into a Routine

Those with a regular sleep routine do tend to sleep better, and if you’re finding yourself going to bed at varying different times each night, this could be why you’re feeling like you’re not getting enough sleep. Set a bedtime for yourself just as you would for your children, and make sure that you stick to it whenever possible, even over the weekend to ensure that your body is getting the amount of sleep that it needs each night. Ideally you should be looking to get around six to eight hours of sleep per night, so set your bedtime accordingly with the time that you’ll need to wake up.

Buy a New Bed

Sometimes, sleep is disrupted due to a bed that’s just not as comfortable as it used to be anymore. Beds come with all different levels of support and comfort, and if your bed just doesn’t seem to be doing the trick, it may be time to invest in an upgrade in order to help you sleep better at night. Personal comfort beds are an excellent choice to make as you can tailor them to a level of comfort that suits you personally, whilst memory foam mattresses will mold to your body and provide you with a blissfully comforting sleep experience.

Take Naps

If you’re a stay-at-home mum, you might be tempted to get housework done or other tasks when it comes to that time of day when your children take a nap. However, if you’re not getting a good enough sleep at night, you might find that this is also an ideal time to catch up on some much-needed sleep and take a nap at the same time that your kids do in order to help you recharge your batteries and feel more refreshed. You don’t have to sleep for as long as they do, so you can split the napping time between having a power nap yourself and getting some housework or other jobs out of the way.

Create a Sleep Friendly Bedroom

Bedrooms are meant to be calming and serene sanctuaries where we can get a good night’s sleep, however more often than not if you’re a mum you’ll know all too well that your bedroom is more likely to be a cluttered storage space for toys and more and more of your children’s things. The bad thing about this is that clutter and mess in your bedroom can have an effect on your sleeping, so have a clear out of the bedroom and move the clutter into alternative storage spaces. Keep the noise down in your bedroom or use recordings of soothing sounds to mask unavoidable noises from outside. Essential oils can also help – try a drop of lavender oil on your pillows or a lavender reed diffuser to help you sleep better at night.

If you have any more top tips for other mums, we’d love to hear from you!


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  • Pat Jones
    November 3, 2015

    So, you’re saying I shouldn’t be reading blogs at this hour? 🙂

    Great tips. I miss the naps I used to have next to the cot. But we’ve another one on the way, and will probably have a side cot this time, so it won’t be long before I’m making the same mistakes as last time.

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Five ways for Mums to get a better night's sleep

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