Finding the right Spring Summer clothes, for me, I find quite hard. I am not very body confident, so I tend to go for loose clothes that feel comfortable. Obviously, I was planning a trip to Dubai too and reviewing the Protest bikini range, I found a lot of lovely bikinis that would have been perfect. So, now I am planning on wearing the clothes at home and they are perfect. 

My perfect bikini

When I choose a bikini, it tends to be a push-up bikini as one of my main areas of concern is my chest. A push-up bikini offers a great shape and gives me a lot more confidence. I really like the styles of them as they have a lot of support under the breast. I love the ruffled look of the material too! You can choose a variety of different bikini bottom styles to match your top too. I love that idea as not everyone wants the same shape brief. I love hot pants and high waisted briefs, but if I am going on holiday where no one will see me I will wear a skimpier style. I love the surfer style look and there are a lot of styles on the Protest website, like the triangle bikinis

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What is a tankini? 

Tankini’s are a great way of getting coverage, like a swimsuit, with the versatility of being able to lift the top if you are sunbathing or breastfeeding for example. A Tankini consists of a vest style top with the usual bikini briefs. I wore these a lot when the kids were babies, perfect for a Mummy who has to feed their child or wants the coverage. 

Mummy lockdown style with Protest

During lockdown I have mainly worn comfortable clothes, this has included leggings, tee’s and zip jackets. It’s not exactly a bikini, but we are in England remember! I found this tee, the Littal T-Shirt and I love it as it’s cotton so light and quite a boxy design which means it is comfortable. I love the sleeve design which makes it a little different than an ordinary tee. It’s perfect for when I do my yoga in the garden. 

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On the colder days I don the Riri fleece, it’s the nicest fleece I have and I have lived in it pretty much during lockdown. It’s a really light fleece yet keeps me nice and warm when the wind is up. It is super soft as it’s made from long pile which basically turns me into a teddy bear. The kiddies have loved snuggling up to me. The high neck means I can keep the chill off my back, as we all know the weather can change so drastically within 24 hours. It also has big pockets, great for my dog walking, which is also bang on trend for Spring/Summer 2020. 

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This season trends 

So, for Spring/Summer 2020 the trends for materials are Broderie Anglaise, it’s all about fresh and playful which is perfect for Summer. It’s the daywear version of lace. The palm print is a big design for this season too. Mixing the palm leaf into prints and patterns is a great way of incorporating the shape into fabric designs. Another fabric colour to look out for is Neon. Bright colours and patterns will make your Spring/Summer wardrobe perfect to stay on trend. 

Big pockets are a big trend this season. Leave your handbag at home and keep everything in your oversized pockets! I love things with pockets, especially skirts. High waist is popular this season, I love the high waisted garments. Buckles and rings are popular as well, styling bikini’s with a buckle and ring will make them fabulous for those beach days in the Summer. Scalloped edges are also on trend this Summer, the prettiest trend of them all. It basically adds a wavy edge to the clothes and looks amazing. 

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Discount for my readers 

Protest have given my readers 10% coupon, which is fab as you can get a discount on your order. Use the code: mummyconstant10 in your shopping basket. This coupon is valid until 30 June 2020.

What do you like wearing during Spring and Summer, do you like any of the Protest range? Are you the kind of person that wears as little as possible or do you like to cover up? I am looking forward to Summer and getting the bikini’s out and dipping in the paddling pool. What are your plans for a Summer of lockdown? I would love to know in the comments below or on social media: @mummyconstant. 

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Last Update: Thursday, 28th May 2020