I think it’s really important to love the space where you work, for you spend a long time working in it! When designing my home office area I kept thinking about what makes me happy…

I wanted a space dedicated to my desk. After working on makeshift spaces for 2 years it felt so nice to have a dedicated work space.

I wanted to be by the garden window so I can see the flowers and watch nature about it’s business. I have seen lots of birds and a few squirrels this Spring and Summer.

I wanted the right storage too. Working from home, studying and the blog all result in lots of things I need to put away. I wanted them to have a home. I’ve got the Kallax unit from IKEA with cupboards, drawers and box storage. It’s perfect!

I’ve been doing a bit of a Autumn clean in preparation for the impending season. I love Autumn, it’s my favourite and I want to start it with a clutter free office area (and mind too).

Anyone else feel more productive if their environment is less cluttered?

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Everything feels a little uphill at the moment! Don’t you think?

Noah has been especially all over the place this week. One minute happy and next minute shouting at me! Because obviously it was me that stole his PE shorts after his lesson 🤷🏼‍♀️

We keep getting into conversations that just blow up. I’m not sure what is it but I’m hoping we can sort it out soon. It gets to 5 o clock and we start saying devices down, as dinner is nearly ready, and they’re behaviour changes.

I think we might have to go back to basics. Bedtime routines & no device babysitters after school. I am hoping he is tired which is causing him to feel a bit more frustrated than normal.

Lots of emotions this week. I feel sad about The Queen. A bit worried about the changes ahead. Work has been busy & I had a busy week for uni too. So maybe there’s a bit on me to just take a breathe!

Do you ever have days like this? I feel like I need a day where I’m not near other humans… 😂

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💦 It feels like I lifetime ago I was watching this water baby jumping in the pool. Over and over. We played volleyball, aqua fit and did lots of swimming.

Since getting back from holiday (and now my assignment is out of the way) I’m concentrating on my fitness. I hate the way I feel and I hate the way I look! And only I can do something about it.

Not that I want to strut around on social media in my bikini or anything. But it would be nice not to feel sluggish and embarrassed about my waist.

I went for my first run in months yesterday and yoga today burnnnnnnned. My legs are on fire. Even my knees. 😂 I’m nearly 40… I need to get fit! 

No pain no gain!

Any fitness tips for me? 🧘‍♀️

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Queen Elizabeth II was such an inspiration. Her dedication to the Country and her family was just incredible. She worked right up until the end and did it with a huge smile.

She was a role model for me, demonstrating morals with such grace. Her dedication will never be forgotten over her 70 year reign.

I love the thought of her now up there with her beloved Prince Philip. Their relationship was amazing to see, their love was so strong and we could see it’s effects on her after she lost him. Now they can be together. That must give us some comfort.

I love this quote from Queen Elizabeth II:

“Grief is the price we pay for love”. 👑💔

Thoughts are with the Queens family and our trust now lies with the new King, King Charles III. God save the King!

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I love catching memories from when you go on holiday. It means Summer is never fully left behind. These are some
Clips and photos from our trip to Calpe in Spain.

The hotel we stayed in was @ar.hotels which we booked through @jet2pics as a last minute trip. The pools were amazing. The kids didn’t leave them. Calpe is lovely too, so picturesque and the view from the hotel was fascinating.

The routine of hotel life was blissful. No chores. No stress. No worries. It was just what we all needed before our busy school and work routine began this week.

What’s your favourite clip?

#mummyphotoaday ~ behind

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How do you choose the right bathing suit for you?

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