Coming back to pictures and memories can definitely help everyone survive this lockdown and keep positive. I recently discovered Colorland and they have really helped to brighten up my home and seeing these wonderful memories every day, is certainly bringing a smile to my face. Colorland have also offered my readers a special discount too! So, we have added some finishing touches to our home, to get us through lockdown with a smile on our faces.

A mug of LOVE

mug of love

I love this mug; it is such a cute design. There are quite a few different designs to choose from on the site. I chose the LOVE design mug; you can upload 4 different photos and it spreads them around the mug, amongst the words in love. You can also choose a fab colour for inside the mug; I went for a vibrant red colour. If you want to get a mug of your own, Colorland are giving my readers a discount; you can use the code BLOGGCONSTANT1 to get your mug for £2.99 instead of £10.99 (plus shipping). 

Canvas that print 


This canvas print (60x40cm) is one of my favourite photos from Winter into Spring. It makes me smile everytime I look at it. It was only taken on my iPhone, which I still can’t believe, but the quality of the print is perfect. You can choose portrait, landscape and square designs which is fab as they are all very popular right now. The print is so vivid and has intense colour, I really love it. It looks exactly like the photo does on my phone. If you want to get a canvas print of your own, Colorland are giving my readers a discount; you can use the code BLOGGCONSTANT2 to get your canvas for £10.99 instead of £34.99 (plus shipping). 

Magnets of fun 

magnets colorland

I love photo magnets, everytime I go to the fridge I smile at the memories in these little squares. These are 6.5 x 6.5 cm sized magnets and you get 6 in a set. I decorate my fridge with updated images throughout the year, happy memories get printed onto magnets. They are definitely talking points when friends come over. If you want to get your own set of magnets, Colorland are giving my readers a discount; you can use the code BLOGGCONSTANT3 to get your canvas for £2.99 instead of £12.00 (plus shipping). 

Insta prints

prints colorland

As you all know, I love Instagram (@mummyconstant), and so I couldn’t help but print some insta photos out for our special “insta” frame. They are such a great idea and you can easily upload the photos, straight from your Instagram account. The insta photo pack come in 2 sizes and you need to order a minimum of 20 photos. I love the fact they print with the white border, looks a little retro!

Coffee table Colorland photobook 

photo book

Have you ever heard of a coffee table photobook? They are beautiful books that print your photos directly onto the page. I love them. These were the kind of albums we would print out when we did wedding photography. They are just beautiful and show off the photos amazingly. The starbook is a gorgeous design from Colorland. It comes with set templates for pages and you can choose to add captions to photos, I chose the Happy Family design. I love it. 

What photo products do you love to print out for your home? Don’t forget to use the codes above if you want a discount on a mug, canvas or magnet set. We are spending so much time at home, these are great gift ideas for loved ones too! 

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Last Update: Monday, 4th May 2020