Yesterday we took a stroll in the deep dark wood, with our wellies and coats, and our picnic food. A bucket for collecting great things on the way, to take home and make art with on another day. We had great fun in the leaves and exploring up trees, outdoor fun at its best and the children were pleased. I love our little welly walks, wrapped up nice and snug, with the camera in tow – its any excuse for a hug!


The National Trust at Anglesey Abbey had “autumn art” buckets ready at reception as you entered, it was perfect as we wanted to do just that – collect up the autumn goodies to take home and paint and create. So we took up the opportunity to do this with a great big smile. Noah really loved it, he carried the bucket for most of the day and we filled it with leaves, sticks, conkers and seed cases from trees.


We stopped at one place as the leaves were a blanket for the floor and the trees were in lines so it made a great setting for some leaf throwing photos. The children were happy here – we stopped for about half an hour just having  fun. Everyone smiled as they walked past us. I just love this season, it is the best. A lot of happy times can be had in the autumn leaves and I just love wrapping up warm and snug.

SM0A1836SM0A1848SM0A1901SM0A1914SM0A1972 SM0A1998SM0A1917SM0A2057We had a lot of fun exploring the treehouse, caterpillar and bughouses – we do love it at Anglesey Abbey. We had our picnic in the outdoor café which was fun, we saw a beautiful grey kitten too with white paws – I hope he is OK! I wanted to take him home as I worried he was lost…

SM0A2105 SM0A2119 SM0A1855 SM0A1857
By the end of our day at Anglesey Abbey we had made a great collection of goodies to take home, we are looking forward to making art with the autumn goodies.


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