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The new Autumn limited edition recipe from Forthglade

The new Autumn limited edition recipe from Forthglade

The dogs absolutely love their Forthglade natural dog food and so I couldn't wait to show them the new limited edition recipe, perfect timing for Autumn. Beef with Pumpkin & Broccoli is a great way of celebrating Autumn and the dogs love the flavours so much. Have your dogs ever eaten pumpkin before? Ours give it a Paws Up! Get your 20% discount at the bottom of this post. VIEW the POST

5 amazing family garden tips to be ready for Autumn

5 amazing family garden tips to be ready for Autumn

As Spring taught us that our gardens can be a safe haven during a pandemic, I believe that this will be no different during Autumn. As we all know, Autumn is my favourite season. I am starting to think about getting the garden ready for Autumn and ensuring everything is tidied up and put away, ready for the colder months ahead. Here are some of my top tips for getting your family garden in tip top shape and adding a little luxury along the way. VIEW the POST

Visiting the capital with the family this Autumn

London is a reliable draw for tourists from across the world, and from right here in the UK, too. If you’re planning a trip to the capital, then there are few better times of year to see it than during autumn. You’ll get just enough daylight to see all the sights outdoors, the weather’s mild enough that you can be comfortable in the open air for extended periods. You can also expect sparser crowds, which is great news for those looking for accommodation. Head over during November and take advantage of the best holiday apartments London has to offer.

November photo challenge day 30  #MummyPhotoaDay

November photo challenge day 30 #MummyPhotoaDay

Today's keyword for the November photo challenge day 30, is "change".  A #change is as good as a rest! We’ve certainly had a lot of that going on here lately. I’ve started my new job, Hubby starts his soon too. We’ve had health scares and lifestyle changes on top. Oh and a drastic hair cut 🥺... regardless of all of these things I feel ready to tackle the changes. I’m starting my new fitness challenge this weekend & I feel hyped, maybe that excitement will wean off after a couple of days! But anyway here’s to transformation, just like autumn is to winter!! #mummyphotoaday VIEW the POST

November photo challenge day 29  #MummyPhotoaDay

November photo challenge day 29 #MummyPhotoaDay

Today's keyword for the November photo challenge day 29, is "kindness".  #kindness doesn’t cost anything. Being able to lift someone’s day without effort or inconvenience: just by telling someone they look nice. Or they helped you. Or they did a great thing. It’s so easy to do. This is the main thing I’m trying to drill into the children at the moment. I want them to grow up understanding how important it is to be kind. To care. To mean it. Not sure if you saw on my insta feed this week, but I walked past a kid being bullied by his peers: beaten and teased. It breaks my heart. These kids have no understanding of the damage they’re doing. No thought as to how their actions affect others. And I can’t have my kiddies growing up without considering these things... I feel quite passionately about it too! You probably ...

November photo challenge day 28 #MummyPhotoaDay

Today’s keyword for the November photo challenge day 28, is “food”.  I love styling up the dining table ready for lots of festive #food… everything just looks so much more tasty when it’s surrounded with garlands and fairy lights! I’ve probably chosen the most random time to do a meal plan, but I’m determined that despite Christmas meals and my birthday with the 90 day plan – I will give it my all! Wish me luck… #mummyphotoaday