Yes! I can finally say that I am so happy to see autumn: cool days where we can wrap up warm and venture to a forest or park and throw autumn leaves around and have the most fun! We spent a couple of hours walking around our local RSPB this weekend, it was a lot of fun and that goes for the adults too. These photos make me incredibly happy, my favourite people and my favourite time of year.


I do not think there is much I can say about our leaf throwing adventure, the photos speak for themselves and show how much fun we had. My beautiful children were illuminated with happiness and Daddy, well he looked like he was having more fun than any of us put together. Times like this make me feel nostalgic, I remember back to my childhood days and venturing to the very same forest with mum, brother and sister, out for a walk and exploring the countryside. It was lovely to go back with my family and do the same things.

These are some of my favourite photos of our RSPB leaf throwing adventure:

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