Sunday morning and the rain had held off, so we took the opportunity to get out to the park and practice our bike riding. Noah got a bike for Christmas and he is still learning to push those peddles round and round, he is getting there…


We took the little ones out on their bikes to get some fresh air and we knew this afternoon would be a wash out, so the plan was park on the bikes in the morning – crafts and painting in the afternoon whilst Daddy cooked up a storm in the kitchen. It was a perfect morning for wrapping up warm and getting on the bikes.


Noah loves his bike, but I think the peddles are a little too stiff for him at the moment as he doesn’t quite manage to push them a full rotation. When his main pushing foot gets to the ground he doesn’t quite have enough “umph” to get the peddles moving again. I know he is picking up what he needs to do, he’s just building up his strength to actually do it.


We biked to the park, well Isla beeped her horn and was pushed to the park, but still she participated and they both enjoyed themselves. I love their excitable little faces.

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We went to the park and played on the climbing frame and Daddy made them laugh whilst pushing them on the swing, well I think he made everyone in the park giggle… “silly Daddy” is all you could hear from Noah. It was cute to watch!

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It is nice that we can get time like this with them, especially as we are so busy in the week with working and housework, the boring stuff. I really enjoyed our trip to the park on our bikes. I think the kids did too, including the big Daddy kid ๐Ÿ™‚

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We came home, had lunch and naps, a few episodes of Thomas the Tank Engine (Noah’s favourite) and we got stuck into some crafts: painting and papier mache which was lots of fun. Noah did some great hand print art.

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