Stress can affect your mind, your body and your behaviour. Being able to recognise how it can make your feel is important. Stress can manifest itself in your body in many different ways, for certain people it can mean back ache, some head aches and some hair loss. It is really scary when your body is acting out the stress that you feel, and it is important to do something about it. To help your brain and your body get back to a normal state. Here are some ideas on how to deal with stress during lockdown


This is the biggest change that my body goes through when I am under pressure. I feel an immensely overwhelmed and like I want to just sleep all day. Until the root cause of the stress goes away. Thankfully, most nights, because I am so busy all day I do not struggle to go to sleep. So, to tackle this I try to get to bed earlier than normal. I set a train of activities in my head that will make me prepare myself for bed: a hot bath, a hot chocolate and getting into bed to chill for a short time before sleep (instead of sitting on the sofa). It is almost like I am training my brain to realise it is nearly bedtime, so there aren’t any issues with me going to sleep when it is time. Going for a walk can help me deal with this too, getting some fresh air and getting out of the house is a really positive thing during lockdown. It also means I am giving myself some time to tidy up all the thoughts in my head, before I get home and start my bedtime routine. 

Hair loss 

When you are under significant stress, your body puts your hair follicles into a resting phase. This means, after a few months, your hair may start to fall out suddenly. It is not a permanent change, if you get the stress under control then your hair will start to grow back. There are ways of trying to tame the hair loss too. The Online Pharmacy are selling a fabulous drug that has been developed to prevent hair loss called Dutasteride, that will help you keep your hair. As, losing your hair can indeed cause you to stress more! 


Sometimes my body feels very achy, sitting at a dining chair all day cannot help, however your stress levels can also affect the aches and pains. This can cause restlessness and result in angry behaviour. I try my best to break up the day into different sections, so I have different activities and different positions. This helps to keep my body moving but also gives my brain a different activity to focus on for a time. I also try to have a hot shower or bath at the end of the day, this helps my body to feel relaxed and does often help to alleviate the pressure that has built up. 

These are just a few things that I have discovered that can be helped during lockdown, stress can be consuming if you do not do something about it. It is always best to spot the signs early on. Do you have any tips to deal with stress during lockdown that you would like to share? If so, I would love to know in the comments below or on social media. 

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Last Update: Tuesday, 16th June 2020