Cooking vegetarian with HelloFresh recipes this Spring

As many of you know I am not very creative in the kitchen. If you said to me can you cook “cottage pie“, I would be able to do it. If you said to me “can you cook dinner tonight”, I would panic. I wouldn’t be able to think about what recipe to choose, what goes well with each other. That’s where HelloFresh comes in and their extensive range of recipes. 

I always panic with companies like HelloFresh that they will not cater for vegetarians, but they have so many meals to choose from its fantastic. I love the sound of each recipe too, it makes my mouth water. I have never tried a baked risotto, that sounds interesting. I love that the website indicates what time each recipe will take, great for me to plan. Not only do I have to cater for my needs, but Hubby is now pescatarian and the kiddies still eat meat. Albeit Isla is a fussy meat eater like I was before I changed my eating preferences. 

One of my favourite meals is a risotto, they have a yummy Leek and Pea Risotto recipe, with toasted pine nuts too. I just love the taste of toasted pine nuts! It clearly lays out what the ingredients is and you can change it really quickly from 2 people to 4, it’s really clever. The ingredients are not silly items, they are everyday products that you will find in your local supermarket. So very easy to replicate. Even easier if you have a HelloFresh box delivery. 

The recipes on the website make it really easy to meal plan too, you can work out what recipes you can make out of certain products and print out the recipes for the week. You could even batch cook some of these meals and freeze them for later on in the week. 

If you go to the HelloFresh website,, you can sign up for free weekly recipes straight to your inbox. Which is perfect for me as it gives me some fabulous ideas for different recipes for all of the family. I would love to hear your favourite recipe from their website in the comments below, or on social media @mummyconstant. 

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