Monday 26 March 2018

So today started off pretty miserable with some sad news for the family. Followed by our little puppy, not so puppy at 9 years old, being sick and eating grass all day. It’s only when you come to dinnertime that you truly understand when a dog is poorly. He wasn’t interested in his food at all. He has a swollen paw from licking it so much, I worried the cream had made him sick. But the vets confirmed this wouldn’t be the case. Why is he not eating? I can’t stand my furbabies and babies being unwell. On the flip side parents evening went well – both are great academically, Isla is a bit too sociable in class thought. Rushing through her work because she’s been too busy chatting! Sounds a lot like me… my Mumma will say that sounds familiar. 🙂 

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