I wish I had these cool fashion options open to me when I was younger. Not that I dressed myself at 5 years old! I discovered shops that I didn’t even realise sold childrenswear this month. I had fun choosing funky Autumn childrenswear items for the little ones and styling them up over half term. The children loved it too.

Below is a snapshot of the outfits I chose and where the items are from, if you have any other questions then please do feel free to ask. The children loved dressing up and taking the photos. I think it reflects in their faces, as they look happy. They are very excited about Halloween tomorrow. Can you tell?

Something to keep them warm

I have my priorities in order, warmth before funkiness! We are always out and about, so making sure the children have the right clothes on is essential. Isla is always hot though, like her Daddy, so I have to remind her to put jackets on. She would happily walk around with just her under garments on if I let her. Most of my friends will confirm this! A nice long sleeve hoodie is just perfect for this time of year, covers the arms and gives enough warmth to get through the activity.

Noah is wearing a Regatta Lime Zest fleece from Hawkshead / Isla is wearing a Craghoppers Farley Hooded jacket from Hawkshead.

Something funky for Autumn

I love these tops from River Island. I had no idea River Island made clothes for children; so was made up when I searched the girls section and fell in love with the Unicorn Squad tee for Isla. All the stores I used to shop in for clothes, for grown ups, now do childrenswear and I think it’s brilliant. They all have different takes on trends and creating clothes for kiddies is fun.

Noah is wearing a double layered tee from River Island / Isla is wearing a Unicorn Squad tee from River Island.

Something spooktacular for Halloween

Dressing the children up is something I have loved doing their whole lives. I had outfits prepared before Noah was born. Halloween is my favourite, I just love the chance to wrap up warm and put on something spooky. I chose a different angle with Isla this year – glitz and sparkle. Mainly because I fell in love with the sparkly cape. I got all of their spooky clothes from H&M.

Isla is wearing a blue tulle skirt, blue hi-top trainers, Alice band with crown, Boo tee and a fancy dress cape / Noah is wearing bat tee and a fancy dress cape.

Here are a few more photos of our photo-shoot, because I just love them:

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Last Update: Tuesday, 31st October 2017