We recently got back from Crete where we made some absolutely fantastic memories together as a family. I took hundreds of photos, but like with most adventures that we have – these photos end up staying in my photo library. Not anymore… that’s where Klikkie comes in.

I was introduced in to Klikkie, a new online platform that gives you a monthly subscription of your favourite photos. It’s amazing as you can choose your favourite photos from that month and they get delivered to your door. It really is a great idea to buy for yourselves or as a gift for someone.

How does it work?

When you sign up you get to choose your favourite photos. You get to choose 10 different photos each month, different sizes too:

1 XL photo
3 medium photos
1 photo strip (including 3 photos)
3 mini photos

You get all of this for just £6.95 a month, which I think is a fantastic price. You can also get better offers by paying for a year at once for example as you get a free photo album worth £29.95 (£88.40 with an album of your photos), you can also buy a three month gift package for someone (£20.85 for three months).

Once you choose your photos and confirm that you are happy, they are delivered to the address you chose. Then, the next month on that same date, you get to choose your next months favourite photos! They were delivered really quickly too.

Earn a free month with Klikkie

This is super exciting, if you use my special code below then you will get an extra month for free when you sign up, all you do is enter this on the activation code page:


I think this is a great idea for a birthday present for someone too, you can buy the monthly subscription for someone else so they can pick their favourite photos and get them printed out! Such a nice idea.

What do you think of Klikkie? I would love to know what you think, would you buy this as a gift for someone? Let me know in the comments below. Next month, from the 21st June, I am going to print out Daddy’s favourite photos as a gift for Father’s Day…

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Last Update: Thursday, 6th June 2019