I’m so happy with how our #garden is transforming. We’ve created a huge space for playing, chilling, eating and basking.

If you swipe through the photos this is what our garden looked like when we moved in last January. We’ve been working hard to make it our own.

To be fair Hubby has done most of the hard work: getting rid of the pond and 5ft high rockery. Using the rocks to make the fire pit area. The decking. And then the patio.

It looks so different. And this photo isn’t the end, we still have some work to do over the next month but I thought it was a good milestone.

We now have somewhere to be as a family. And our sofa is perfect for socially distancing 😂 we can sit 3.5 metres away from eachother.

I am still gobsmacked when I look at it is today and what it was when we moved in. It looks just as I drew it a year ago.


I’m so happy with how...

I took this photo the other evening; the kiddies wanted to wait for a train to go past and so we sat and waited.

Whilst I checked the train times, they sat there talking and giggling. I captured this moment. It was so lovely. Look how #sweet her body language is. His too.

I love watching them when they have their talks. Every morning when we walk the dogs they walk ahead, or behind, doing the same thing. They chatter about lots of random topics or plan out the Minecraft house they are going to build next.

It’s been a long day and when I see photos like this, of the better days, it reminds me why I need to keep going and getting through the tough times.

My babies. 💛💙 #mummyphotoaday

I took this photo the...

This is for yesterday’s prompt, I left my square black yesterday and so this is my Day 2 of the June Photo Challenge.

These guys always make me #smile. They have the ability to make me feel so very angry and then laugh only 5 minutes later. I’m glad they don’t hold a grudge or stay angry for too long.

I remember this moment well, they were giggling about the dogs. The dogs wandered around them chewing on the grass and Snoopy (our blind dog) nearly head butted Isla.

I love the bond they have developed over the past few months, with each other and the pets too. I’m not saying they love all day long (they bicker) but it’s not as much as they used to and it’s definitely determined by the amount of sleep they get.

Anyone else struggling to get their kids asleep but 10pm? I think Noah came down, in protest, 8 times last night to say he couldn’t sleep.


This is for yesterday’s prompt,...

#blackouttuesday✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿 #blackouttuesday

#blackouttuesday✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿 #blackouttuesday

🌾 I adore this photo! Not sure what it is exactly: the colours, the wonky lines, the sun setting to the right or the children’s freedom. Or, all of it put together.

This was an ordinary moment captured on our dog walk, Sunday evening. It’s little moments like this, the accidental captures, that I love the most.

I had no idea at the time of taking it that I’d love it as much as I do. I can hear the #kiddies giggling and it makes me want to smile.

Well, it’s a late post. But I didn’t finish work until 10:30pm ish & I’ve been winding down.

I hope everyone had a lovely day.


🌾 I adore this photo!...

Happy June everyone and here are the photo prompts for #mummyphotoaday, June photo challenge.

I’ve included lots of generic words as during lockdown there is quite a variation of photos. I love seeing how each person takes on the photo prompts, some absolutely stunning photos.

Don’t forget to use the hashtag #mummyphotoaday so I can share the photos throughout the month, but so others can find you and like or comment. It really is such a lovely community.

So, what is everyone doing for June?

Happy June everyone and here...

My favourite pics from May #mummyphotoaday, the fun photo a day photo challenge. Thank you to everyone who has taken part, so many amazing photos to choose from.

The photo is tagged, but left to right:
📷 @mummuddlingthrough
📷 @otisandus.blog
📷 @socalshopgirl384
📷 @van_life_family_
📷 @ceeleah_and_the_small_humans
📷 @norfolk_kinsfolk
📷 @beautifully_defected
📷 @newmummyblog
📷 @typicalmummy

I’ve really loved seeing photos from everyone that joined in: @sahrazade @shareyourplaywithme @beatrix.hendrix.and.me @confessionsofacrummymummy @adventuresstartathome @anywaytostayathome @chaos_at_leitrim @_lisaslife_ @happinessisasunbeam @themummyeditorial

All you have to do to join in with this photo challenge is use the hashtag #mummyphotoaday. Take the keyword from the photo prompts and use that in your caption. We’ve got a lovely community that enjoy seeing each others posts.

Thank you to everyone who joined in. Looking forward to June!

My favourite pics from May...

We went out with a bang for May! We had a day of socially distancing with #family.

Today is Nanny’s birthday, so we watched her open her presents on the driveway, with a good few metres distance. It was horrible not to be able to celebrate the day with her as we always do. We know we will soon and hopefully they can come and spend time in the garden with us soon, due to the new rules.

The kiddies get super sad when we leave families. It’s not nice but I think they understand why we can’t see them properly. Albeit they do not like it!

To cheer us up we played diggers in the fields surrounding my Mums new barn renovation project. No worries about socially distancing over there it is literally fields and fields. The kids loved zooming up and down on the dumper. I think it’s called.

Then we knocked on Great Grandma’s door to blow her a kiss and let her see the kiddies for a few minutes. It’s just so hard.

But, it was so lovely to see family today. Even if from afar and for a short time. We haven’t seen them in the flesh for around a month and it felt so nice.

Here’s to June and another month of lockdown. We’ve still got this!


We went out with a...

Capturing family memories on personalised photo gifts

I love this time of year, Christmas shopping and wrapping up everything. I am definitely one who prefers to wrap up stuff and give to people. Watch the smiles as they open up the presents and see what they have hiding underneath. You may recall that my-picture.co.uk gave away a voucher in one of my recent #12DaysofConstantChristmas competitions. They have some amazing personalised photo gifts and are now offering my readers free prints, see below for details.

I love capturing happy Christmas family memories in photos and putting them onto keepsake gifts after Christmas. It’s a lovely way to say thank you for a wonderful Christmas.

Here are some of the ways I love to capture these moments:

A personalised cushion

Can you imagine a beautiful family photo on a cushion on the sofa? The personalised cushion range are a great idea to capture family memories over Christmas. What better way to say thank you to loved ones for the yummy food, family time and Christmas presents. I think this photo would be lovely on a cushion;

MixPix photo tiles

I love the idea of having these MixPix photo tiles on the wall. These photo tiles are a brilliant idea, they are adhesive pads that can be stuck on the wall and moved time and time again. Our new house has thick solid walls, so these are perfect for us as no drilling into the walls to hang the photos.

You can move them about the house or swap them around too – when you feel the urge to change things up a bit. I do this quite often.

MixBlox photo blocks

The acrylic MixBlox photo blocks are a great idea for a little thank you gift too. They make for beautiful ornaments on a shelf, mantlepiece or desk and are currently only £6 each (at time of blog post).


Get your free prints

With this code MUMMYCONSTANT you will get up to 5 free MixPix Photo Tiles from My-Picture.co.uk. To acquire your free prints, go to www.my-picture.co.uk/mixpix/, upload your desired photos and enter the name MUMMYCONSTANT during the checkout. The more you buy the more you get free! Get your personalised photo gifts and cherish those beautiful family moments.

A big thank you to My-Picture.co.uk for the inspiration for this post. All opinions are my own.


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  • Amelia Avossa
    December 24, 2019

    Im off to check there website! I loveeeee them! x

  • Margaret Gallagher
    December 24, 2019

    A magical way to keep memories alive – stunning – MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU TOO to

  • Naila M
    December 24, 2019

    Wow these look amazing, thank you for sharing a code 🙂

  • Tracy Nixon
    December 25, 2019

    Merry Christmas x

  • Maggie Ali
    December 25, 2019

    Oh wow! These look absolutely fantastic and I’m sure they’d make a great present for everyone.

  • Lynn Heath
    December 26, 2019

    These make such great gifts! I’m off to use my voucher to make sure I’ve got some hard copies of the memories we made yesterday!!!!

  • Jade Hewlett
    December 28, 2019

    These look so lovely, would make fantastic gifts!

  • Gemma Clark
    January 5, 2020

    Fab ideas. I really love the photo blocks, absolutely fantastic idea!

  • Kenneth Smith
    April 3, 2020

    You can easily add a new photo to each coaster so they can always catch a glimpse of their grandkids as they kick back with a cup of coffee or their favorite drinkware.

Day 12 of #12DaysofConstantChristmas The Finale
Capturing family memories on personalised photo gifts

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