Top tips for keeping a useful journal

Some people use a blog, some people use an app and some people use the good ole written diary to keep their journal. I used to write a written journal or diary when I was younger, I still buy them now and when I was sent this fabulously fun journal from Waff. I love the Rooi website, full of luxury living items that you can fill your home with. I couldn’t help but to get scribbling down my thoughts. Here are my quick tips for writing a useful journal: 

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESMake sure your journal is the right size 

As silly as it sounds make sure the journal is the right size for you. If it’s too small you will stop using it and if it’s too big then it might just get in your way and you’ll stop using it! Getting the right size is a good starting point and you can buy them in all shapes and sizes these days. 

Don’t give yourself rules for the journal 

I know this is obvious for some people, but I always used to give myself rules for my written journals and that often meant that I stopped writing in them as frequently. If you don’t set yourself rules and just write what you want to write, when you want to write it then guess what – you will write it for longer. 

Carry it around with you everywhere

I take mine around in my hand bag, hence why my hand bag is as heavy as a two week holiday suitcase. If it’s with you everywhere, when you get that thought “ooh I better scribble that idea down” you have it with you and you can fill it in. I do this with blog posts. I am a big advocate for digital, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes I am either without signal or without battery and my trustee written journal is always ready and waiting. 

Make sure the pages are the right design

Some journals have to do list type pages, some have plain pages, some have specific dates for example. If you have a diary with specific dates, you might miss some – it might be better for a plain paged journal. Or if you just want to write to do lists then go and get a to do list journal. They are a lot of fun. Some just have motivational quotes on the pages which inspire you each day, they are also a lot of fun too. 

Get comfortable pens and maybe different colours

If you have pages and pages of writing, first of all you want to have a comfortable pen to write with. But you might also want different colours too. Sheets of blue or black ink is fine, but where was that really important thought you had last week? Oh, it’s lost a little bit. Having different colours means you can separate content out that you really want to remember. Or you might want to just scribble fun doodles when you are a little bored! 

Do you have any fun tips for writing a journal, I would love to hear them in the comments below. 

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