Cosmetics that are: not testing on animals, use vegan ingredients and feel good on my skin are a must for me. See it as my mini checklist if you like. The thing I love about EX1 cosmetics is that they are reasonably priced for make up, which means affordable. I love that you can grab them from your local Superdrug too. This means they are very accessible. I love the fact I do not feel like I am wearing anything either. This is a guide to the EX1 cosmetics range and a perfect makeup style for Valentine’s Day dates this weekend.

Getting the right shade

Here’s a little tip for you. If you head over to the shade finder on the EX1 cosmetics website as it helps you to identify your skin tone. They have a range of models with various skin colours and you can choose the shade that you feel is closest to you. I chose 3.5 as my shade and it is spot on. It is a really good tip and will help you to make better decisions in store.


Using the EX1 cosmetics range

I have been doing more exercise recently. Since doing this I have noticed that my skin is not as good, it seems to be very spotty. I need makeup. Finding the right make up is a minefield. I love that the vegan options are plentiful. EX1 cosmetics have a great range of make up. In this tutorial, I am using shade 3.5 of the EX1 products and they are listed below:

  • Invisiwear Liquid Foundation
  • Delete Fluide Concealer
  • Pure Crushed Minerals Powder
  • Blusher Natural Flush
  • Invisiwear Compact Powder


I started with the EX1 Delete Fluide Concealer, shade 3.5. It has a hydrating formula which must explain why my skin doesn’t really feel like I am wearing makeup. It perfectly matches your skins natural tones, which means your base layer of make up is going to be the right shade.

Dab small amounts under your eyes, on blemishes and imperfections. Massage it into your skin with your fingers tips.


I used 2 kinds of foundation. The EX1 Invisiwear Liquid Foundation first, followed by the compact powder over the top. I love it as it doesn’t clog your pores. With bad skin this is definitely a bonus. I applied this with a damp foundation brush.

I love the EX1 Invisiwear Compact Powder as it is a great way of sealing the foundation into place. It absorbs oil and comes with a mirror and sponge, which is perfect for your handbag! I dabbed this onto the areas around my eyes and my forehead.



First off I added a little bit of EX1 Pure Crushed Minerals Powder to my face. It just finished off the look nicely. It creates a barely there and flawless finish on the foundation. I used this in the key areas: under my eyes, chin and forehead.

I love blusher, and EX1 Blusher Natural Flush is gorgeous. The pink tones really bring colour to your cheeks. I immediately felt happier! I used the blusher on my cheekbones only.


Finishing off

After applying the base layers of makeup I used a natural lip gloss, a light highlighter and my go to mascara. Voila. A natural look for Valentine’s Day.

What is your go to makeup? Do you have any make up tips? I would love to know any amazing ideas you have, for instance how I can stop my skin from looking so bad would be great! Let me know in the comments below or on social media!

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Last Update: Wednesday, 12th February 2020