I am running a day behind 🤦🏼‍♀️ I keep falling asleep and not posting my photos. I’ll catch up today... This is #fresh. Getting out in the fresh air has been a complete dream over the past week. When you’re told you can’t do something, it makes you want to do it more. Like when Hubby said we have to be careful about the food we eat, I wanted to eat it all!

This photo was the kiddies playing football with Daddy whilst I walked with them with the doggies. It’s something that’s becoming a habit after we finish homeschooling.

It’s a shame as Daddy normal gets out all of the time. On a typical Sunday he’ll go out for a 3 hour bike ride in the mornings. Possibly go swimming with the kids too. Walk the dogs with us later in the afternoon. I think this “1 exercise” rule will be effecting him more than anyone else I know. It’s also makes family decisions hard, if Daddy goes out on his bike he can’t walk with us. It’s a shame. But necessary.

Just think how much we’ll all appreciate a long bike ride and driving to the beach for the day when all of this is over.


I am running a day...

Until tomorrow...

Until tomorrow...

I love Lush products, they smell good enough to eat (or #drink) and are amazing. They have a range of handmade soaps that come in all shapes and smells.

This particular soap is called “Parsley Porridge” and it’s packed with antibacterial tea tree infusion, antimicrobial fresh parsley and thyme. Crucially, it also contains fresh aloe gel which helps to soothe your hands and the anti-inflammatory fine ground oatmeal gently exfoliates your hands too.

It’s perfect at the moment, my hands are like reptile skin where I’ve washed them more than normal. This has helped to soothe them and my hands are starting to feel a lot softer.

All of the @lush soaps are self preserving. They are made with natural ingredients that keep the soap clean!

I have also got Karma (my absolute favourite smell) and Sea Vegetable. They all smell INCREDIBLE.

This is not an ad. I bought them all myself. I just think they are amazing products, the company has a good ethos and they even recycle their own pots in its own recycling plant!


I love Lush products, they...

I was so tired yesterday I completely forgot to post, so this is a capture from our Day 4! That sky is just unreal. I have loved the sun so much, it looks glorious. I think it’s definitely helped get me through the week.

I found it tough yesterday, I think because it’s just non stop. Parent... homeschooling... work... parent. I need to space things out a bit I think so I can chill in-between tasks. The same for the kids. They seemed irritable and frustrated yesterday too.

People keep telling me the kiddies will be home until September, which I really don’t understand. But if that’s the case I’m definitely going to have to consider using some of my annual leave so I can break the weeks up. I can get the kiddies involved in some #diy, and we can spend the day doing fun things together.

How are you finding the homeschooling  and working from home juggle?


I was so tired yesterday...

Its been lovely to get out and #walk after our homeschooling and working from home plans. I can imagine it would be quite a challenge if we couldn’t get out into the great outdoors.

It was especially nice to get out and make the most of the sunset. The sun has been glorious this week. It’s almost like Mother Nature knew we needed something positive and glorious to keep up our spirits.

Today has been quite stressful, I had to conduct 2 interviews and I was quite paranoid the kiddies would walk in half way through. Thankfully they didn’t! They have no idea what an interview is... 😂 Back to our normal homeschooling routine tomorrow. Phew!

How has everyone else got on today?


Its been lovely to get...

We had PE in the garden this morning, following @thebodycoach #PEWithJoe. It was beautifully sunny and the perfect weather to get outside.

Albeit our garden isn’t finished (Daddy has 1 more day of laying the slabs) and he’s building a flower bed against the fence so it looks prettier... our outside space made me #smile.

It’s amazing how it’s all coming together and how absolutely essential this space will be over the Spring and Summer!

My first day of homeschooling will the kiddies and I’ve had a blast. Haha. I’ve marked their work, said “well done” 9,999 times and managed to get 2 washing loads done!

I am sure this positivity will diminish over the next few weeks, but I’m going to try my best to not let it.

My tips: 📖 Mix up the tasks frequently 🐈 Include the pets 🏡 Get out in the garden as much as possible 💭 Have some quiet time, alone, if you can

Hubby & I are co-homeschooling and working from home. I do homeschooling until lunch then work, and vice versa. It’s going to be tough, as I know already we’ve squealed and been loud whilst Daddy’s been on the phone. But, THIS IS LIFE now and there’s absolutely no point getting worked up about it. 👊🏻 We can do this!


We had PE in the...

I wanted to reshare my idea of creating a little story corner in Isla’s room, just a different angle. Over the next few weeks, whilst home schooling, we are definitely going to need to find our own space.

Living on top of each other, under one roof, can be quite consuming if you do not break the day up. So we’re encouraging the kiddies to have time apart. This little corner is perfect for Isla to sit and read her Spring reading book, or play TT Rockstars for an hour.

Noah can also snuggle here too, if he wants as the space is perfect for both of them. For when they miss each other again!

I made this corner by simply putting the @vertbaudetuk floor cushion on top of an ottoman. It’s made the perfect space, raised off the floor.

Check out my blog post for more information on the products I used to create this #cosy space... blog link is in my bio!


I wanted to reshare my...

Happy Mother’s Day 🌸 It’s been a very surreal one. We normally cook a big Sunday roast (I obviously mean Hubby cooks this) and we have Hubby’s family over. We also visit my family and have cups of tea, hugs and chats.

None of this today. We had a chilled one this morning, I got a new dressing gown and nightie from the kiddies. The dressing gown is going to come in handy! 🤣 We sat in the garden with the beautiful Spring sunshine. It felt lovely warming up my cheeks.

This afternoon we went for a dog walk in the woods. There was a lot of people out but we made sure we distanced ourselves from walkers by. We kept together as a family unit (household unit) and gave the doggies their fresh air.

It felt sad not giving family hugs and kisses. I feel like we’re punishing people. But I know we’re not. The kiddies feel the same. Something so natural to hug their grandparents and they can’t. They are finding it hilarious to elbow goodbye instead!

Sending big, virtual, hugs to everyone whose feeling in need of one right now.


Happy Mother’s Day 🌸 It’s...

How to help kids with bedtime anxieties

We have always struggled with our bedtime routine, well we have since Isla has been around. She does not like to sleep. We thought, as the children got older, that the bedtime routine would get easier. It hasn’t really and so we have to try lots of different things to help get through those bedtime anxieties. I have written down some things we did when the kiddies were babies and what we do now, incase this helps any one going through similar.

Bedtime routine for babies

When the kiddies were younger we had a typical bedtime routine: evening meal, a little playtime, bath, story time and then bed. We even invested in Ewan the Sheep to help Isla sleep. It helped for a while as I tried to seperate myself from Isla. She didn’t settle if I left her room before she fell asleep. So up until she was 9 months or so I was spending every evening, until she fell asleep, in her room. The nights of singing, rocking and just being next to her cot were quite hard work. She has always had bedtime anxieties ever since day dot. Noah has always been a great sleeper, right from 6 weeks. It is amazing how brilliant he is at going to sleep.

Bedtime routine for children

These days, Isla is 7 and Noah is 9, we still have our issues and I am 100% certain they stem from when Isla was a baby. Noah is still great at going to sleep, however, he gets woken up by Isla or sometimes get FOMO (fear of missing out) and stays awake longer than he really wants to. Isla gets bedtime anxieties all of the time. She doesn’t like the dark, she doesn’t like the silence, she doesn’t like the temperature of her bedroom… you catch the drift.

bedtime anxieties

I think, on average, 4 out of the 7 nights a week she will come down the stairs upset about something. Not because there is anything the matter, but because she wants some reassurance and a little cuddle. We get through it and then she will go to bed. It is really hard to keep the children settled at bedtimes at this age as they do so much; kids clubs are at random times in the evenings and life means they are not always in bed by 7pm. Which is what I aim for, I am not sure if this time is adequate for a 7/9 year old.

On an average night we do the following: get ready for bed around 6:45pm, clean teeth and go for a wee etc, story time and then get into bed. We have a nightlight in both the children’s bedrooms and Alexa who reads them stories for 30 minutes.

Unicorn bedtime

Toys to help with anxieties

Having a little routine seems to have settled her a little. As I said above, 4 out of 7 nights she still comes down the stairs for a little reassurance. We have recently got her a Rainbow Dreams unicorn from Bandai, to help settle her. A little night light soft toy helps, unicorns are still her favourite thing too. Rainbow Dreams is a cute soft and snuggly toy that you can find for £16.99 on Amazon. She lights up and plays magical sounds too which Isla just loves.

She has a little routine where she puts all her toys in a particular position. She turns her nightlight on and asks Alexa to play her bedtime stories. I created a playlist of bedtime stories for both Noah & Isla.

I am hoping as she gets older and realises she doesn’t have to be scared these anxieties will ease off. It’s so hard to not let it disrupt the family home at bedtimes. Lots of patience and big, supporting, hugs before bedtime! Do you have any tips on helping with bedtime anxieties as we would love to know in the comments below?


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  • Karen Radford
    March 4, 2020

    I have to get in bed with my 5 year old (which means I usually fall asleep too!) but then he usually stays asleep all night

  • Sheena Batey
    March 4, 2020

    I was a terrible child for going to sleep my dad used to sing to me but I always wanted more in contrast my own child went straight off and slept through

  • Susan Willshee
    March 4, 2020

    This isn’t a tip really as it seems you are doing everything right. All I would say is that I think we should realise that children are just little version of adults and not all adults have the same sleep patterns, so it sees a little unfair to expect all children to want to sleep at the same time.
    In our house for example, I never get to sleep before about one am but hubby could drop off on the sofa at eight pm every night. I often go to bed with him at ten (that’s the longest he can last!) but then I just lie there thinking about everything.
    I wonder if it’s the same for some children. Whether the anxieties actually come from just having too much time lying alone in bed and thinking about everything that could go wrong.
    I don’t have an answer I’m afraid, I’m sure I’d be pilloried for suggesting that we let children settle on their own bedtimes. Perhaps we could just make sure that ‘going to bed’ doesn’t actually mean they have to immediately go to sleep and we could allow them to have some toys to talk to or a book to read.

    • Steph T
      March 18, 2020

      I have to usually stay with my little one hut he goes off to sleep quick

9 February 2020 #SilentSunday
How to help kids with bedtime anxieties

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