I can across a product called “Olverum” last week, it is a bath oil that smells magnificently of lavender. You only need a tiny drop and the entire upstairs smelt like a field of flowers. It is designed to be a stress relief aid, soothe aches and pains and also leave your skin beautifully soft. 


After snowboarding on Sunday, I fell and hurt my shoulder, neck and wrists, I am completely aching all over. To top it off, I am tired because little Isla is waking up at 5am to watch YouTube on the TV downstairs and the cold weather is making my skin very dry and chapped in places. So, basically what I am saying is, I am the perfect candidate to try out the bath oil. I have to admit it did feel very nice. The water felt thicker than, just water and it almost felt like silk at the same time. 


The oil separates in the water, like you would expect to see and it smelt so strong of lavender. One of my favourite smells. It really did relax me before bedtime, it also helped to soothe my aches and pains from snowboarding. It was nice to forget about where I was and what the next day was going to bring. It felt very therapeutic. I hadn’t felt like that for quite some time. Normally I can smell the bath scents as I put the bubble bath in, those first few minutes. This made my bathroom smell for up to two hours afterwards. I remember my husband coming home and his exact words were “it smells like Nan in here”. His nan loves lavender! It did make me chuckle. 


The only other thing I noticed when I was just about to get out, was how my skin had a coat over it. You could see all of the droplets on my leg, you could see the oil had clung to my body. It was completely non-greasy, but you could see the oil on my skin. It simply felt soft. 

The 125ml size is £26.00 and will be enough for 25 baths, the 250ml size is £48 and enough for 50 baths. You can find Olverum at House of Fraser: www.houseoffraser.co.uk

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Last Update: Tuesday, 16th February 2016