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For a while now I have been telling myself to sort it out, I still have a little baby belly and although I exercise and eat (usually) quite well I can’t seem to shift it. So when I came back to work I decided I wasn’t going to be lazy in the things I do, making decisions like walking up the stairs instead of getting the lift up to my desk for one example. Daddy Constant cooks 80% of the time in our house and we always eat well, hardly eat fatty foods, the occasional takeaway or chips from the chippy! Where do I start though?

I am a diet virgin and also a gym virgin: not because I am lazy but I have never really needed to. Post kids I was too skinny for my own good and would quite often be referred to as unhealthily thin. But post children its a slightly different story. I cannot get back into my size 6 skinny jeans, which is OK, I am not offended or bothered but obviously needed to buy more clothes (what a really terrible thing) and now I comfortably fit into an 8, it is just my tummy that is causing me a few insecurities now. SM0A7976

I can’t seem to shift that tummy, it’s nothing major and you are probably wondering why on earth I am doing all this if I fit in my size 8’s still, but I am super conscious about it and now is the time to act. Isla is 1, that means I have had a whole year to shift it and I haven’t. It would be nice to wear tops that show off a little skin and even wear a bikini on our summer holidays.


Last night on Twitter, Sophie @OptForOptimism mentioned a diet “5:2 diet”, which was obviously news to me, but she explained that this diet you eat what you like 5 days a week and then on 2 days you only eat 500 calories. Calorie? What is this? I have never even considered how many calories I eat on a daily basis until Sophie mentioned this diet. Now I don’t want to get into a diet at this present moment in time, but I do want to know how many calories I am eating on a daily basis – if only so I know for my own sanity if I am eating a lot of rubbish. This way I could tone it down, or it might even make me drink tea with no sugar! Who knows?

I found the Slim-Fast Online Tools webpage and I am starting to make a food diary, what I eat and how many calories I have eaten on that day (it might shock me into a more healthier routine).

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So today, so far, I have had 3 cups of tea with milk and 1 sugar (not surprising after the morning I had), a few biscuits, a medley bar mid morning and a pizza for lunch with a can of coke (again I needed it after my shaky morning). So that’s 973 calories. Apparantly I should have around 2000 calories a day, I have dinner to eat and anything snack like this evening and I am half way through my calorie count for the day. Which to be honest, considering I haven’t eaten particularly healthily – it doesn’t sound too bad.

An average meal for Daddy and Mummy Constant is something like Chilli Con Carne with a jacket potatoe or chicken stir fry with a squash to drink and I will usually grab a cuppa when I get home. So tonight I will be approximately having another 400/600 calories, which again doesn’t sound too bad to me!

I haven’t done any dedicated exercise today, but running up and down the stairs when I can and walking around as much as possible when I am not required to sit at my desk. I think the next step is to bring in more water into my daily routine, healthier snacks and a bit more dedicated exercise (biking / swimming / walking the dogs).

Any tips I would gladly take them on board!


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Last Update: Tuesday, 14th May 2013