The Winter Sun has been so beautiful over the last few days.  I think today we’re going to see a change to cloudy skies.

I love this photo. The low sun and the kids having a little adventure. I spend a lot of my time watching them interact. I guess that’s a big part of parenthood. Learning and growing.

Have you been making the most of the weather?

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A little corner of my office… I spend most of my week here so it’s nice to pretty it up sometimes. I even managed to blur out the water marks on the windows (they need a good clean).

My tax return has been submitted and my assignment has too! Quite a day for submissions and I’m relieved. I’m in the last year of uni and I’m so grateful for the support I’ve had to complete it. I am focussed on finishing, which is giving me the mindset to get it done.

What did you do today that your relieved about? 

#mummyphotoaday ~ corner

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Daddy = “Kids please don’t try and walk on the ice”….
Kids = ☝🏻

They kept edging towards the pond, “I just want to break the ice”. They did make me laugh. And yes, they ignored the instructions. But they did only tap the ice with their toes.

It made for a little adventure this afternoon. I love this Winter sun!

Do your kids love standing on frozen puddles?

#mummyphotoaday ~ adventure

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The frost is so beautiful 🥶 I love the days where it is frosty but super sunny. The sun was beaming into my office today. It made my heart happy. 

This weather is definitely snuggle & binge watch TV shows kind of weather. I’ve started watching Bloodlines on Netflix. I started it as I just loved “Judy” from Dead to Me and thought I’d give this a try. It’s quite gripping & I’ve not been too good at predicting the storyline so far. Which usually I can!

Do you have any Wintery snuggle shows that I need to add to my watch list?

#mummyphotoaday ~ heart

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As views go: this has to be one of my favourites. Paddleboarding, in the sunshine and on a calm river. It just looks so beautiful and really relaxes me.

I haven’t braved the paddleboard in the Winter months yet. I haven’t fallen in yet, but it would just be my luck! Have you done this before?

My other favourite views are closely followed with the beach… on a sunny day where the big fluffy clouds are floating on the horizon. And, finally, at the top of a Tor. As the views are always pretty breathtaking.

What is your favourite kind of view?

#mummyphotoaday ~ view

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We escaped the house today, in-between the rain showers, and got some much needed fresh air and family time. The Sun shone beautifully in the winter sky. 

Snoopy did so well as we walked for about 90 minutes. He had a few breaks in the waggon (did you see my stories?) and I carried him the last stretch.

It was our first family walk without our little pal, it felt wrong. I felt guilty for being out with Snoopy. But then I pictured little Rambie walking by our side and that made me smile.

Isla still cries at night time. I wish I could make her pain better. We are all still struggling to get over our loss. He really has left the biggest Jack Russell sized hole in our family.

Anyone else get out in the Winter Sun today?

#mummyphotoaday ~ sky 

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