I had grand plans at the start of the year to do some fun family travel posts, but as you can imagine, this plan was foiled. Something to do with a pandemic! So, instead we have been using the products I was going to mention in our staycations and a day out with the kids. Going out with the kiddies can always be tricky, but these are 5 essentials that I never leave the house without. And, they will also be on our packing list when we go away next.

Reusable water bottles

We absolutely love our Ohelo Reusable water bottles. They are stylish and sturdy! Ohelo kindly sent us 2 water bottles for Noah and Isla and I couldn’t wait to personalise them with my Cricut machine. We were planning on taking them to Dubai, but that trip was cancelled. The kids have used these bottles every day since then. They are perfect as they are durable and keep the water cool. So, if you put cold water in the bottles it stays cold for 24 hours. If you put hot water in them, it stays hot for 12 hours. The kids love the handles on the bottles, they are comfortable to carry around and the kids love swinging them as they walk – they really are well made!

Ohelo reusable bottle

A mini first aid kit

Isla is the clumsiest child I know. She went to school with brand new leggings on this week and came home with a hole in the knee. Always falling over. So having a mini first aid kit to hand is always an essential for us. After watching the Marvel movies during lockdown, we couldn’t resist the new Marvel plasters from Elastoplast. The problem is the kids want to cover even the slightest mark on their bodies now. Isla even went to the extent of trying to trick me with a drawing of a scratch! 20 plasters in one box and 2 different sizes, it’s the perfect little box to take with you any kind of days out.


Travel games

We have loads of fun travel games, from card games to fun family action games that can be played almost anywhere. Our current favourite is 7ate9. We have been playing a lot of games together during lockdown. 7ate9 is a fun card game that incorporates a little Maths! We love games that come in little travel sized boxes, so they are easy to grab on the way out and fit in the smallest of handbags. It is fun to break up the day, especially when you have to wait around like travelling can sometimes be, a wait!


Sand free beach towel

One thing I have learnt over the Summer is that the kiddies WILL go in the water, regardless of where we are and what we are doing. Rivers, sea, lakes and puddles. So I always carry our sand free beach towel around with us and it always comes in handy. Even as a blanket when the winds pick up. Our towel is from Tesalate, you can read more details in my blog post: Summer essentials.


Healthy and fun snacks

It goes without saying that the more fun the snack, the more the children want to devour them. That’s why we love the new Organix Gruffalo Claws, they are perfect for a grab and go snack on a day out with the kids and also, they are fun for packed lunches too. Check out my post about our new school routine.


Do you have any other essentials that you take with you when you go out with the kids for the day? I would love to know in the comments below or on social media.

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  • Anthea Holloway
    Wednesday, November 25, 2020

    There is some very useful information here. Thank you.

  • Laura Norcop
    Wednesday, October 13, 2021

    Ohhh I’d not seen sand free towels before, what a great concept. Also loving the travel games, great idea x

  • Rebecca Roberts
    Sunday, October 17, 2021

    Great information! I definitely didn’t know about the towels! I make sure I take a word search book my daughter loves them and they tend to keep her busy if we out for tea etc