I love getting creative and ever since I have been introduced to Cricut I have never looked back. Being able to cut different materials, draw on designs and even iron on designs is just amazing. I have made a lot of projects over the years. Today the all new Cricut Joy machine was released and it is so cute. Cricut tasked me with my own word, so I can #AddALittle “something” to my projects. My word is FAMILY. I love it. I have lots of plans to make lots of fab things to #AddALittle Family to my projects.

Cricut Joy fab features

I suppose the best place for me to start is with the fab features this little gadget comes with. The Cricut Joy is connected via Bluetooth, so this means I can connect it to my MacBook, iPhone and iPad depending on where I am and what I want to create. I made a little design on my iPad and this can be shared with all my devices via Cricut Design Space. It is really easy to use. I designed Isla a bottle in a few minutes.

Bottle design

With Cricut Joy, if you use the Smart materials you do not need to use a Cricut mat to layout your work. Which is really handy for quick projects. If you are using just one colour Cricut Joy will simply carry on cutting for the whole length of the roll. Which is really handy. Also, makes your projects a little quicker to create (if you are using one colour).

50+ materials

This machine maybe small, but it can cut over 50 materials. Including the popular products like: iron-on and vinyl. There are some new products that work well with it too: adhesive-backed deluxe paper the smart materials I mentioned earlier. The smart materials are the width of the machine and act as a mat – so you do not need to use a mat with the roll.

Cricut Smart materials

I still use a mat for when working with off cuts of material. So, it still uses a mat in the same way if you want to. I am very excited to try out the new Deluxe paper that has the adhesive back, it will make card making a lot easier. I also want to try out the new Smart label vinyl and paper, so I can organise Hubby’s spice cupboard – it looks like such a brilliant way of labelling jars.

Using the Cricut Design Space app

I really love the new Cricut Design Space app, I have it installed on all of my devices and it is so easy to connect my iPhone to the Cricut Joy. It means that I can make something quickly, whilst sitting with a cup of tea and with the smart materials, cut it quickly too. It’s such an efficient way to craft. I will never need to buy birthday cards again.

It’s cute and portable

Yes the size means it will not be able to cut those larger projects, however, this little machine can do absolutely everything the latest Cricut maker can do. It cuts perfectly, it draws perfectly and is something I can hold with one hand. It is really portable which means I use it more, due to the fact I do not have to pack it away and store it in cupboard. It’s always there, ready to go. I like the neat boxes the smart materials come in too, they stack up and line up nicely.

smart materials

My first Cricut Joy project

As I mentioned above, my #AddALittle word from Cricut is “family”, so I wanted to make something quick and easy that had the word family in it. I found a lovely project in Cricut Design Space of palm leaves for a phone case. So I used that and added the word family into the mix. I used gold smart vinyl and used a teal phone case that I haven’t used for a while. The teal worked well with the gold vinyl, so I was happy.


Once you have the project on the screen ready to cut, you line up the smart material or the cutting mat and the software realises it’s ready to load and simply loads. No more pressing the loading button as before. It must have sensors to recognise the mat or smart material is present. You do still need to press go, but the button is in design space not on the machine. It then cuts.


Once the project has been cut, design space does ask you to unload the mat or smart material. Otherwise I guess it would just be spitting things out when you are not ready. So it is really controlled which I love. You then use the tools to weed the material out that you do not want and I always use the tweezers to grip the vinyl and freehand it in place on my projects. I haven’t tried the transfer sheets. A lot of people prefer the transfer sheets, which means the material goes onto the surface exactly how it was cut. I find with free hand I have a little more control over where the cut goes and I prefer this.

I love my new iPhone case. I think the design looks pretty and it will be perfect for when we go to Dubai. The palm leaves, sparkly gold vinyl and the word family all go together for our exciting family holiday.

My next projects

Over the next couple of weeks I am going to be making some fun things, I have infusible ink products to make a special project and a Mother’s Day project. I can’t wait to try out the new adhesive paper and make some cards too.

You can grab your very own Cricut Joy from Amazon for £179. You can buy a bundle with a tool set and the tote bag for £234.97. The Smart cards and materials vary from about £5-£7. You can buy longer lengths for more. If you want a Cricut Joy mat you can get yourself one of these for just £8.99. Lots of creative inspiration on the Cricut website and you can see all of the other fab products you can buy.

My Cricut Joy gallery

Here are some photos that I have taken of my projects and Cricut Joy so far. It really is the best gadget I have ever come across and for any creatives out there, it is totally worth it!

#AD – I received this bundle of products from Cricut, in exchange for my honest review. All opinions, ideas and photography is my own.

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Last Update: Wednesday, 1st May 2024