Thick, healthy hair is often a sign of excellent health and youth; while hair loss can often be an unwanted sign of aging, and can damage a person’s self-esteem. Many people will undoubtedly want to maintain a good head of hair for as long as possible, but sometimes this can feel like an uphill challenge. To help you maintain your locks, we’re offering 4 effective ways to prevent hair loss.

Improve Your Diet

9 out of 10 balding men have cited baldness as their number one concern. One of the simplest ways to hold onto your hair could be by changing your diet. Reduce your consumption of fried and processed foods, as they can reduce a build-up of plaque around your hair follicles. You should also add more fruits and vegetables into your diet. Various vitamins and minerals have also been linked to hair health, such as iron, zinc, omega three fatty acids and selenium.

Nourish Your Hair

Don’t underestimate the importance of hair care when it comes to hair loss, as it nourishes your locks and protects your scalp. You might not realize that your body naturally secretes oil, known as sebum, from your skin onto your head. Unfortunately, this can combine with environmental pollutants, dead skin cells and hair products to produce a layer of plaque; a large build-up of plaque can clog skin pores and prevent hair growth. Hair care products can help to nourish your scalp to prevent hair loss and tackle male patterned baldness.

Avoid Stress

One of the biggest causes of hair loss is chronic stress. Cortisol and epinephrine hormones are released from the body when we are stressed. If the level remains high for a long time, this can alter your hair’s natural growth cycle. The risk of losing your hair will also be higher during times of stress if baldness is a genetic trait.

The next time you feel a little stressed, try to relax your body and mind by listening to music, exercising or focusing on a project. Meditation, breathing exercises and journaling may also be a helpful way to combat stress.

Enjoy More Vitamin D

Do you often experience a healthy dose of vitamin D? If you don’t, you might be more likely to experience hair loss. A British Journal of Dermatology study found people with alopecia were three times more likely to have a vitamin D deficiency, in comparison to those with healthy hair.

There’s never been a better reason to enjoy the sunshine, as it can provide your body with a healthy dose of vitamin D. You could also take a vitamin D3 supplement during the winter when you’re less likely to experience sunlight.

Yet, don’t attempt to burn your bald spot in the sun, as you could cause more harm than good. A balding scalp is often a common location for skin cancers, so ensure you wear sun protection when enjoying the sunshine.

Many men and women are bound to feel a little concerned about the prospect of losing their hair. Yet, the above tips provide effective ways to either prevent or slow down the process.

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Last Update: Sunday, 2nd July 2017