I am 10 days in, well in actual fact tonights work out will be day 11, so technically just a little over. A third of the way through, 10 days of fitness. I can’t believe I have made it this far, if I am completely honest. I thought, after day one, I would not make it as I was aching all over and felt extremely lethargic. 

Who would have thought after 10 days there would be such a difference in my attitude and also my tolerance to the workout. I am still doing the level one workout, but my aim is to move onto level two over the next couple of days. I am still finding parts of this work out hard. 

When I first started, I could barely do the 30 seconds of jumping jacks that are spread out through the workout. I couldn’t do the push ups, the sit ups and the bicycle crunch at the end was killing me. But last night I was jumping around in those jacks like a wally and kept up to speed, it felt good as I was noticing the differences. I am managing to complete the entire workout now, but I do feel the burn in my tummy and legs on those abs and strength circuits. But that’s what it is all about isn’t it? Feeling that burn. That’s when your body is changing. 

I haven’t noticed a difference in my weight, but I have noticed parts of my body feel tighter and my stomach isn’t half as bloated as it normally is. So I am starting to wear different clothes, as I am building up more confidence. I can feel the workouts so much, throughout my entire body. So I know they are doing something, otherwise I wouldn’t feel anything. My calves and shoulders are hurting the most at the moment. 

Over day three and four my bottom was hurting, it felt like I had been kicked in the coxics, but that was just those new muscles being used and me working them out. It’s funny how things change and now they no longer ache and burn. 

I am looking forward to the next 10 days and I hope that I notice more changes in my clothes – that is why I am doing this after all. So that’s my thoughts after 10 days of fitness, do you have any stories to share and tips? 

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Last Update: Wednesday, 20th January 2016