I have never had the “excuse” to do the whole World Book Day, dressing up and celebrating books with the children before now. Noah is at the age now where he will embrace dressing up and Isla loves putting on her princess dresses – so we certainly made the most out of it this year. It is Pirate and Princess day in the Constant household.


Isla loves her Disney Princesses and so we couldn’t resist putting her in the Snow White dress, with her pretty little head band – I know she hasn’t got dark hair, but she still looks adorable and Isla really loved wearing it. We got her Snow White doll from her room and she walked around with it – looking at the doll and pointing at her dress “whose that?” – she made the connection! Noah loves Jake and the Neverland Pirates and so when I saw Captain Hook in Sainsbury’s – it was a winner. Great Grandma got their outfits for them, so that they could join in the dressing up fun today at nursery. Don’t they look cute?


We do love books, Isla especially, she will sit and read through books all day long if we let her. Which is great. I was a little book worm when I was younger, so I am hoping she will continue with that interest. Noah has a small attention span so reading books will last about 5 minutes before he has moved on to the next task. He can tell you most of the Gruffalo story though, it is really cute as he starts off the story with “One day in the deep dark wood…” – I love listening to his take on the story. 


17 years ago UNESCO designated World Book Day as a worldwide celebration of books and reading. In the run up to this year’s World Book Day this Thursday 6 March, non-profit-making charity Promoting Global Learning has unveiled a new online film which aims to raise awareness of the huge need for books in schools in parts of Africa where more than 90% of children who attend school have never owned a book – and are encouraging the public to offer their unwanted books to equip needy schools in Africa.

In the online film British children talk about their favourite book and how it feels knowing that many children in African schools have no books. When asked what can be done, their answer is simple: collect books and send them to Africa – which is exactly what Promoting Global Learning is doing! To offer your books simply contact Sue Gerrish at Promoting Global Learning on by emailing info@promotinggloballearning.org or calling 0800 195 7522.


We hope you have a fantastic World Book Day wherever you are, please do share your photos and comments: Instagram and Twitter is @mummyconstant.


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Last Update: Thursday, 6th March 2014