Cupets – a virtual pet that isn't all virtual

These little collectable and cute cube shaped pets are a great way to have a pet that is virtual and in real life at the same time. It is a unique idea that Flair have come up with and the kids were amazed when they saw their little cupet come to life… it works with your mobile/tablet device and literally springs to life!

Play fun games and enter Cupets World for an exciting adventure! Nurture your Cupet, feed, bath and care for your pet. It is really good fun, for both the children and Mummy! We were sent Bush, he is obsessed with his motorcycle and always on it. Sadly he just isn’t that good at driving and always crashes. Bush is a loyal friend and is always ready to get his fur dirty for his friends.

You purchase the little cupet cube shaped pet from the shops and take him home to reveal your unique code which you put into the app on your device. This links the pet up to your device and you can then start to play with your new friend.

Download the app from the appstore, Google play or amazon store:

Once you have linked up your cupet you can play awesome games and look after it like a real pet:

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