I adore the beach at Wells-Next-The-Sea, from the carpark with the new Joules hut to the miles and miles of sand. I do not think we have ever been there and had a bad experience, it’s great for the dogs and the children as there is just so much to do and so much space to explore too. 

I think it’s funny how the children like to do different things: Isla quite often dawdles along behind myself or Daddy and Noah just wants to charge about, without a care in the world. The dogs love it here too, we have been here so often that we can trust Snoopy will not run off. Now he has no ears we have to be extra vigilant about where he is and that he doesn’t wonder off too far. Thankfully he tends to stay near our feet anyway, it’s his new sensor I suppose because he cannot hear as clearly. Its like he wants to stay near us now and be more careful about where he goes. Rambo does sometimes run off, but he has been really good too since Snoopy’s operation. It’s almost like he’s stepped up a bit knowing that he has to guide Snoopy and keep him safe, on the right path. It’s incredible if that is the case. Or maybe coincidence who knows. 

On our trip we saw a collection of seals, once the tide started to come in and we saw the lifeboats coming in. It was about 4pm when they started coming in, the water tends to make a river to the right of the beach where the boats travel back to the harbour area a few miles around. It seems to come in quite quickly too! We walked all the way to the sea edge, which was about 1.5 miles from the beach huts and the edge moved closer and closer to the beach huts – about a metre every few minutes from what we could gauge. At one point we thought we had got stuck in a little lake area that the sea had made! I am glad we noticed the tide was coming in else we would have been very wet and very, very cold. 

The sand was frozen and frosty, it looked so pretty and sparkly reflecting to the sunlight. I couldn’t resist a little frosty sand shot, with the famous beach huts in the background of course: 

Below are a collection of some of my favourite photos from our day trip to Wells, Norfolk: 

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