I was introduced into MyHigh.St recently and so, without hesitation, I zoomed on over to have a peek. It’s literally right up my street at the moment, I never have time to go shopping and I certainly never get time to browse so many shops at once. We are going out for our Christmas Dinner with our friends on Saturday night and it suddenly dawned on me “I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!” Much to hubby’s disgust as he says I always say that. But it is true…

I thought I would give the site a go and see if there was anything that looked appealing. I have no idea what is the fashion at the moment, nor do I have any clue about what is in the stores and what is the latest trend. When I clicked on the fashion link I was greeted with a whole host of lovely, inviting images of clothes that made me feel like I was out shopping. I love that!

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New Picture

My favourite link was the “Ladies Festive Fashion“, it helped me a lot and I now happy to say “Outfit sorted”. Boots, jackets, dresses, accessories to name a few – I was completely overwhelmed with choice and great offers. At this point I have to say I was completely sucked in by the brand itself – the logo design and images on the website are brilliant. Literally right up my street! This is the exact look for images that I have been looking for. Inspiring!

I bet you are eager to know what I went for, OK – here goes: The darling lace dress. I have had my eye on this little dress for a long time, I have seen a few styles here and there – not sure if it is the trend at the moment, but I simply adore it. Although after my Christmas dinner I will have to hold my tummy in!

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No outfit is complete with a nice pair of shoes, so I went for the black Tamaris wedge shoes. I thought they would go with the outfit, not too high as I will need to walk home in them and practical enough to wear again with other outfits and work! Listen to me, before Noah & Isla I would never be talking like this. I always wore as high as I could get and the higher the better. I have had some killer heels in the past. There are some beautiful shoes on myHigh.St but I have resisted for now and I am thoroughly looking forward to my Christmas dinner meal and safe in the knowledge I have my Christmas outfit sorted.

Now where is that keep fit DVD, “must get fit, must get fit”….

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Last Update: Tuesday, 10th December 2013