Isla – 1 Year and 7 Months


Before I go on, I adore the photo of Isla above – it makes me want to hug her up and never let go. The original and larger photo just makes her look perfect (apart from the runny nose) but nevertheless she looks so cute. This month has made progress, some things for the better and others not so much. Still no more words except “What’s that?” – I am hoping we get there over Christmas.



Some of the things that I am not too happy about this month are all based on her developing this clingyness towards me. I had no idea she could develop this at 19 months. She has been such an independent little happy girl all these months and now all of a sudden, no. When I drop her off at nursery she cries for her life and clings on to me with every ounce of her strength. She always hunts around the house for me, crying to be picked up when she is not in my arms and the most recent development is one that I am a little concerned about. Have you heard about pets that get jealous over their owners when they cuddle, well I have a 19 month old that cries with a scream when Daddy cuddles me in front of her. What do I do about that? I can’t not cuddle Daddy – I shouldn’t have to not cuddle Daddy either. Does she think he’s hurting me? Or is she just jealous?



Isla is learning to play a little more creatively now, but we are very much still in destructive mode. She still rips up book pages or comics, tears things apart that she shouldn’t. Now I know why some toys have an age of 3 on them. She peels stickers off of toys when Noah leaves them on, it’s really obvious how different they are as she gets older and Noah does too. Isla loves looking through books, she will sit for quite a long time flicking through pages. Her other favourite kind of activity is playing with her musical toys – where she has to press buttons and she gets to dance around. She is really cute when she’s dancing around with her beautiful smile on her face.



She stills loves her food, which is great, but we have a fascination for pouring all of her food off of her plate onto the table and either eating it all off of the table or putting it back on the plate and eating it off of the plate. I don’t really understand. Is she trying to be more organised with her food, arranging it how she would like or is it just messy and exploring? Messy is fun, I get that – well at least she is eating all her meals up.


Sibling Love

She has spent the past month winding Noah up, she runs up to him and steals things off of him all the time. Since we moved though their relationship has definitely got better. They are always together playing in the playroom or the lounge watching a nice program together. You can hear Noah realise he is not in the same room as Isla and he will go and find her chanting “Isla where are you?” and then they walk into the kitchen holding hands because he found her. It’s cute. They can be extremely lovely to eachother, when they want to be. We had a lovely moment the other day when I asked Noah to read the Gruffalo book to Isla, it’s one of their favourites – a long with Room on a Broom! He did, she sat there staring at the book and at him in awe. He told the story pretty well, considering it was from memory and it was such a sweet moment for the both of them. I wish I had recorded it!



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  • Sarah
    December 10, 2013

    My 18month old gets very jealous, he isn’t bothered when Daddy gives me a hug but goes absolutely mad if another child comes over to me at nursery the other day one of the little ones pulled themselves up on my leg Thomas came bounding over to mark his territory and when I’ve held a friends baby before we had a screaming fit I dread to think what he will be like if we have another baby

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Isla – 1 Year and 7 Months

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