And so it continues… We’ve not progressed very much with the slapping situation, we’ve tried telling him no, ignoring him and slapping him back (which we didnt do hard) and none of them seemed to have worked. He doesn’t slap as much, but if you pick him up when he doesn’t want to be picked up, then youre basically awaiting a Noah slap. I do hope this stops naturally of its own accord, when he realises its not nice to slap people and I am assuming once he learns to talk, he won’t need to slap as he can tell us what he wants or doesn’t want. Since introducing him to Isla, she has had a few slaps to the head, bless her heart, she looks so startled but doesn’t cry or anything. He tends to slap her head when she’s crying too, so not sure if he is telling her off!

We are still throwing ourself on the floor, banging our head on the wall/floor, whichever is closer and quite hard too, I am continuing to ignore this behaviour as I know he is doing it for attention which I’m just not giving to him for it, he hasn’t done it in public yet, thank goodness!

Mealtimes are getting better now that Noah uses a fork and spoon to feed himself, but we still throw food, cutlery and drinks on the floor! Why? I just don’t understand where he has got that from and why he feels the need to do it. I certainly haven’t taught him to throw it on the floor, so why has he pcicked that up? He doesn’t play up as much now he can do it himself, but it’s not completely stopped just yet! Roll on th times when he can talk…

I am sure over the next month there will be more toddler troubles and a lot more involving Isla, I will keep you posted!

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Last Update: Thursday, 24th May 2012