Lansinoh sent me some fabulous products, that I simply couldn’t live without because I’m breast feeding and they have become a part of my daily routine: nipple cream and breast pads.

The nipple cream by Lansinoh is absolutely phenomenal, as soon as I apply it to my sore areas, they seem instantly relieved. It takes away the burning type feeling from the tip of my nipple and seems to calm it down, which makes them feel better for the next time Isla latches on. The consistency of the cream is like a thick gloopy texture, petroleum colour and is quite hard when colder. I was advised that this particular nipple cream, makes for a good lip salve too, so with the excess cream, I always put some on my lips and indeed it is a great lip salve. If only it didn’t say nipple cream on the case, I’d use it as a lip salve.

You only need to use a tiny dollop of cream for both breasts and because of that, you get excellent value for money. This cream is breast feeding safe too, so I know Isla is fine to feed, even if I have just applied some cream.

The breast pads are also a “cannot live without” product, I wear them 24 hours a day because I’m breast-feeding. The are very discreet pads, they do not bulge out of the bra like some pads, they do not make crinkles in my underwear like other pads and they are really comfortable. I have had experiences in the past where the breast pads I’ve used have leaked milk considerably, causing my tops to get soaked and I have ended up with large wet patches, I do not get this with these pads at all. They keep everything where it’s meant to be and I’ve had no embarrassing moments, thankfully!

The pads are perfectly packaged, easy to remove from packaging and have the all important sticky area, so that the pads can grip to my underwear. At the end of use, they fit easily into a nappy bag and are ready to be thrown out!

I have been extremely pleased with both of these products and I would completely recommend them to any breast feeding mum or mum-to-be out shopping for the “required baby things”.

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Last Update: Friday, 25th May 2012