Well, week 1 was eventful, but a lot less stressful the second time around from what I remember, there are stresses in other forms though! This time, instead of being stressed about Isla it’s stressful trying to get everything sorted and making sure Noah is ok and Isla is ok… The best one is when Isla is crying and Noah cries too! He has done a few of those fake cries to get some attention, but it’s only ever lasted a few seconds.

Considering we were home only half of Isla’s first week in this world, we certainly made up for lost time. We have seen lots of family and friends, been swimming (our first excursion as a family of 4) and we have been on lots of walks.

Isla seems to have slipped in to a lovely 4/5 hour routine, which is amazing and I’m touching wood as we speak, because I know how lucky I am. Once I stopped breast feeding Noah and expressed for him he slept a lot better and we had a 4/5 hour routine with him too, that was after 2 weeks or so. Isla has just gone straight into a lovely routine and she is feeding really well. This time around I am not stressed about feeding and it feels a lot more comfortable, I’m guessing because Noah used me as a dummy, it just stressed me out which stressed him out too and Isla isn’t any trouble. She feeds and when she’s had enough she stops feeding and falls asleep.

The first couple of nights at home she would not go in her Moses basket for crib, so there was a lot of cuddles and holding going on, but by Tuesday she would go down in her Moses basket and settle, which meant that I could get on with some housework and playing with Noah. Noah is growing increasingly better with her she has had a few slaps to the head but they didn’t hurt her and Noah does this to everyone at the moment, so I know it’s nothing to do with her.

After 3 days on this planet she had gone from 5lb 12oz to 5lb 13oz which is great, as baby’s loose weight in that first week and Isla has been packing it on since she was born. I was a wee bit worried about her as she is so skinny, but knowing how much weight she is putting on,I don’t think I have any reason to worry at all.

When my milk came in on day 3, Isla fed a lot more, she was probably feeding around every 2 hours, but this is normal as your baby stimulates your milk and tells your body how much to produce for the next few days/weeks. It’s amazing really… Hubby didn’t realise quite how in tune the milk was with Isla until he noticed them leaking the other night when I got out of the bath. I explained when it’s time for Islas feed or she cries, they leak as they are ready for her. It’s like when the microwave dings to tell you your meal is ready, and if you have one of those annoying repeating beeps – it keeps reminding you until you eat your meal… Well I’d describe milk and baby communication like that! From the 4th day on wards Isla went into her 4 hour routine and its pretty perfect, I am getting a nice 4 hours block at night which means I haven’t been a grumpy guts for Noah the next day, which is hugely important for me at the moment.


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Last Update: Wednesday, 23rd May 2012