photo 3We were extremely lucky to be sent a fantastic hamper full of goodies, including a warm hat, scarf, gloves, hot water bottle, candle, tissues and of course some of the fantastic World Kitchen cup soups by Ainsley Harriott. The World Kitchen range is a really great idea as it gives you a little flavour for the different countries and it is nice to have something really tasty for lunch/dinner, or just a nice warm snack on a cold day! The World Kitchen range of cup soups can be seen on Ainsley’s website: We were sent the New England style Vegetable Chowder Cup Soups, Bombay Potato, Pea & Spinach Cup Soups, Italian Style Minestrone Cup Soups, East Indian Mulligatawny Cup Soups, Tuscan Tomato, Mozzarella & Chilli Cup Soups and Szechuan Hot & Sour Cup Soups. So we had a flavour of: America, India, Italy and China.






worldkitchenphoto 3(1)My favourite ones have to be the Szechuan Hot & Sour and the Tuscan Tomato, Mozzarella & Chilli cup soups. I love tomato based products and so I went for those ones first and I was right – they were the yummiest.

I had the Szechuan with a nice bread roll and I found that it was really easy to eat because there were no bits in it. So maybe I should be saying, really easy to drink! It tasted fab, you could really taste the ginger and chilli in the soup – which are 2 of my favourite ingredients. It certainly warmed me up on the cold day, it made me full as well – which I was really surprised at. Such a great idea for a lunch time meal.

photo 2The next day I decided to take a fab cup soup to work for my lunch and I had it with a slice of toast, I tried the Tuscan Tomato, Mozzarella & Chilli cup soup this time and it was my favourite of all. It had lots of nice flavours, I love Mozzarella and the chilli really stood out – it was a nice fiery soup, which certainly filled me up. I liked the fact that it had the ingredients in the soup that you could see too. I was trying to work out what all the ingredients were.

I have never been a fan of soups in a cup, I have to be honest, so I was a little dubious about what these would be like. Some other brands of soups are just horrid – they taste like dishwater and have no flavour to them what so ever. That certainly isn’t the case with these soups. I love them, they are full of flavours, they are really interesting flavours too that make me feel like I am trying something new from a different country! The best thing about them from a mummy perspective is that they are incredibly easy to make, taking no time at all, as you can boil the kettle and play with the kids and when its boiled – pour the water into the cup and wait until its stewed and cooled a bit, before eating. I find it to be a brilliant idea when I do not have the time to stand around and cook a lunch, or if I am rushing out for the afternoon, its so quick to do and efficient in our busy household.

If you would like to try some of these great cup soups from Ainsley Harriott, you can buy them in your local supermarket and they are around £ per pack of 4.

You can see the other great Ainsley Harriott products on his website:
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Last Update: Friday, 21st December 2012