Ella’s Kitchen have a fabulous new range of yoghurt, Greek style! Packed full of fruity goodness, these fantastic new yoghurts are brilliant for busy mums and dads looking to keep their little ones healthy and happy. They surely do keep the little ones happy as well!


Ella’s Kitchen tasked us with a little Greek themed activity, which I thought was just up our street. We were sent a Greek themed box of goodies and the new Yummy Yoghurt range from Ella’s Kitchen to take some photos of my little Greek princess and try out the lovely new flavoured yogurts. They are really yummy. I love the fact these do not need refrigerating, so you can pack them in your changing bag and they come in useful as a tasty snack whenever your little ones are ready. They are 100% organic which means mums and dads can be confident that they are healthy and good for the growing Greek gods.


The new Yummy Yoghurt range comes in 3 new flavours: berry, mango and strawberry – all made with Greek yoghurt. They are suitable for babies over 6 months old and great for when you need a fruity snack. They are not that messy either – I was expecting yoghurt to be everywhere, but it wasn’t. Phew! So here is my little Tiny Titan:

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Last Update: Monday, 21st April 2014