There are many things I want to do with our home, like making the lounge the right “colour” with the right furniture in it and I really need to sort the playroom out so that it is warm in winter and cool in summer. So many things on the renovation list, but where do you start?



I felt that I should start with this room first as we are actively working on this, we are currently awaiting our lovely brand new silver corner sofa from DFS and I have painted one wall duck egg blue (obviously as that is my favourite colour) so there are a few finishing touches needed. I have been collecting cushions to put on the new sofa that match the duck egg blue theme and the silver, but I fell in love with this footstool that would be a perfect addition to the lounge and would sit center stage with a wooden tray on top, to act as a coffee table too.


If I could rip up all the tiles in the bathroom and start a fresh, I would go for pure colours and use white tiles with a little splash of colour – most probably duck egg blue, I just love it at the moment. Maybe continue the silver and duck egg blue themes throughout the house to match the lounge. Snazzing the bathroom up with items like these Simpson shower tray from My Bathrooms is a simple thing to do and it makes the shower look pure and clean. Ours is currently cream  and beige colours so the shower and the tiles look like they need a wipe, when in fact they do not. 


The kitchen needs a lick of paint, I would prefer to use a white and replace our floral wallpaper with a brighter pattern that is less feminine and something that looks quite unique. I like the new shiny kitchen cupboards that seem to be the rage at the moment, a nice white kitchen with a splash of colour throughout. I would love to have a kitchen island too which acts as a breakfast bar for all of us in the mornings as it is just so rushed and busy, it would make life a lot easier. Whilst not everyone has the budget to throw a brand new kitchen in their homes, I do like the idea of making the current kitchen look how I want it by a little DIY. The ideas in this blog post are simply fantastic, look how dated it was to begin with and how fabulous it looked once finished.


The childrens playroom is a great space at the back of the house, it spans the entire house and holds so many toys it is unreal. We need to make sure that there is plenty of storage and storage that makes the most of the lean room with the little nooks and crannys. Shelves with boxes would be great to hide the vast amount of toys that we have, it also helps to keep toys together and not loose little pieces out of boxes that have ripped over the months.



Now this is something that is special to me, I really want a vintage style bedroom with a beautiful damask wallpaper on one wall to brighten it up and give it a splash of colour. I really want to get a cream wrought iron bed, something that looks the centre of the room. We currently have a bed that has no footboard and is just a leather headboard, it would be nice having a bed with a storage facility underneath it too. I do not have an airing cupboard so I need to be able to put the towels and sheets somewhere other than boxes hidden everywhere. I also need somewhere to store all of my lovely clothes and pretty things that I keep accumulating. It will also be in keeping with my beautiful dressing table.

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Last Update: Wednesday, 14th January 2015