Last year was my second year of completing Project 365, I do enjoy it as it gives me an excuse to take a photo and have something to look back on in the future with the children and see what we did and how they developed over the year. Looking back to last January you can already see a huge difference in Isla, her hair has quadrupled for starters.


January 2014 seems like a lifetime ago now, but then as I went through the months to find the other photos it feels like just yesterday. It is amazing how quickly 2014 disappeareed, it went by in a flash. I suppose this has all to do with the busy lifestyles we lead and we just never stop. My favourite photo from the bunch has got to be September, the four of us in the sunset on our first family holiday abroad in Turkey. I loved it there and I have some happy memories to keep hold of.

So there it is, my favourite photos from January (top left) to December (bottom right) in 2014.

I wonder if my photos will be better in 2015?



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