I am lucky enough to be able to work at my Grandmas house on Wednesdays and at lunchtime me & Noah fed the duckies (Grandma has a river in her back garden) and for half an hour I was in my little sanctuary. Growing up I used to love playing in this garden, by the river, by the pond or under the trees – it was a playground for my little creative and imaginative games and I can see that little Noah is going to enjoy it just as much.


My garden will never look as amazing as Grandmas, the lawn is always perfectly cut and not a blade out of place, the flower beds are blooming with colours and shapes and the smells are so fragrant – the smell of lavender is the most distinctive one. IMG_3604

Noah has to feed the duckies when we come to Grandmas, its a part of his “routine” now, even if it is hailing outside he has to go and see the duckies and feed, quite often, the river as no duckies turn up! But today there was a little family of duckies; mummy, daddy and three little ducklings and they were nesting directly opposite Grandmas garden. (You can just about see daddy duckie in the photo below) Daddy duckie was being very protective of mummy, every other duckie that came near he chased away and its only until 10 minutes later when we saw the ducklings that I realised why. I had no idea duckies can be territorial, but I suppose when its their babies they will be.


We had a group of canoeists ride past whilst we were down there (lucky timing) and the mummy duckie panicked and took her ducklings across the river a little and then went back again and up the bank. We didn’t see her after that, but I guess she was taking them to safety.


Not bad for a half an hour break really, I felt ready to tackle the afternoon and Noah went in and told Grandma all about his adventures. He especially liked the bit about the boats, as its not everyday you get to see a group of canoes floating past.


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