Today we had our second midwife appointment, everything went really well. Leila told us I have healthy blood and urine sample, I have a good level of iron which shows I eat very healthily. So I got a pat on the back for looking after myself. I think my Heamaeglobin levels were around 14 – which is above average!! 
I also found out that my blood type is A positive – I never knew that until today. So I guess baby Constant is a mixture of mine and Deans bloods.
After the health check on me and the bloods etc, we listened to baby’s heartbeat – it was amazing. I cannot believe how exciting it was hearing the little thud, thud, thud rapidly beating away. Everything is going so well, its soooo amazing. 
I feel alot happier about the pregancy today, its been 4 weeks since the scan and not knowing if baby is ok etc (apart from the bump) is quite scary – but hearing the heartbeat has certainly reinforced the excitement!!
Our 2nd scan is in 3 1/2 weeks time, not long to go at all. Ooh and my bridesmaids dress fitting is on the 5th June, I really hope it still fits nicely, fingers crossed.

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