After 17 weeks, the bump is starting to grow rapidly!! My boobs have also started swelling alot this week, which is great but I’m now starting to feel uncomfortable in my clothes. When do you draw the line between wearing the clothes you have and buying the “maternity” collection?
I found out another of my school friends are also pregnant this week, its brilliant. I have 2 friends now who are weeks apart from our due date and a few other friends who only have 12weeks to go – hopefully we will get to share stories and tips as we go. 
Went for a lovely long walk with the “parents” in law on Sunday which was nice, they are really excited about becoming grandparents, its great! Makes me realise how important families are and how nice it will be when Baby Constant joins us all – it will be one very spoilt baby. And will have my god-daughter Freya, to teach him/her how to behave!!
3 weeks until our 20 week scan, I will have everything crossed for the next few weeks that things will be “ok” and that everything is cooking normally.
PS – Belly is now 84cm’s hehe

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  • Anonymous
    Friday, May 28, 2010

    That's a lovely bump you've got there. Love Lucy x

  • Daddy Cool x
    Monday, June 14, 2010

    is it me or are you putting on a little 'spread' around the middle?

    Daddy cool x