Well, it has eventually come around and we are past the 12 week milestone. I cannot begin to start describing how on edge I have been and how much worry I have been going through every single day. Of course, I am not expecting this worry to just disappear – but I feel so relieved that I can now say we are in the “safe” zone, or in the clear. No more high risks of things going wrong etc. 

We have our first scan tomorrow, we finally get to meet the little one. I am so excited, I cannot contain myself. I do not really know what to expect, whether its just a 2 minute – oh here you go there is your baby, or whether they take the time to go through what you are actually looking at. I hope we get to hear the heart beat too, that will be just amazing.

Not sure how hubby is feeling about it all, as I suppose for him tomorrow is the day he will (and the rest of the family) get to feel something is really going on. At the moment, all the feelings and movements are going on in my body – which no body else can really appreciate as much as me. So I know its all real because of that, whereas, hubby doesnt feel it. So I am expecting it to be more overwhelming for him, than it will be for me, for those reasons. But I am sure when tomorrow comes around we will both be sitting there with tears in our eyes and lumps in our throats. 

I cannot wait to meet him/her… our little baby. It’s all so real and all so scary. I hope everything is good and nothing to worry about. 

I will post the first “bump“ograph later on, so you can see where baby constant is currently nesting, also provide measurements of my waistline/weight and my symptoms this week.

Oh dear, I hope I can sleep tonight!

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Last Update: Wednesday, 28th April 2010